My great uncle, Roe Duke Watson, served…

My great uncle, Roe Duke Watson, served...

My great uncle, Roe Duke Watson, served on the front lines in World War II. He was gravely wounded in 1945 after shrapnel from a 170mm German howitzer shell shredded his abdomen on Mount della Torraccia while serving in the 87th Mountain Regiment (10th Mountain Division). He was a great man, a hero of mine in myriad ways. On this Veteran’s Day, I salute all the men and women who have served and do serve our country and our world, and I honor deeply the sacrifices they make to uphold the values and rights of us all, inside the USA and outside. Uncle Duke was one of many who put it all on the line to protect the lives of those who needed help, to defeat fascism and racism and hatred and uphold fundamental human rights and freedoms. To all the veterans, thank you for your service to our country and to our world, and to the humanity which unites us all. #liveyouradventure #veteransday #10thmountaindivision #hero

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