The rugged upper reaches of the Gangotri…

The rugged upper reaches of the Gangotri...

The rugged upper reaches of the Gangotri Glacier – where the first waters of the Ganges River (at this point, known as the Bhagirathi) come thundering from the snout of the glacier at a place called Gaumukh, or cow’s mouth – seems like a pristine wonderland. And, in many ways it is: the glacier yields to sweeping walls of granite forming massifs like Shivling, the Bhagirathis, and the Chaukhambas. The surface trickles of water are clean and crisp – so clean that we were able to drink no problem without any purification. But, look deeper, and the woes of the Ganges downstream are evident even here. In the snows at the base of Chaukhamba, our samples showed high levels of heavy metals and nitrates: pollutants borne on the winds and deposited in this high sanctuary. Even here, this fledgling river which nourishes 500 million downstream shows signs of wear and tear. @pedromcbride and I are thrilled to be sharing our film, Holy (un)Holy River, with everyone at @banffcentre tonight at 8pm. Link in profile. | In this photo, Pete McBride and @davidcmorton walk the moraine of the Gangotri above Sundarvan, with the Bhagirathi peaks rising behind. #liveyouradventure #bestmountainartists

Gangotri Glacier

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