There are so many great organizations to…

There are so many great organizations to...

There are so many great organizations to support not only on #GivingTuesday, but everyday. My friends at @dzifoundation, @herfarmnepal and @thejuniperfund are changing lives in Nepal everyday. As mentioned, @big_city_mountaineers is transforming kids through the experience of wilderness, while @sgalpin74 does a similar thing with Afghan girls at @mtn2mtn. But, I wanted to mention a story I shared back in July of Buliyo Euta, the snow leopard we tried to save in Upper Mustang. He sadly did not make it, despite the hard work and courage of many. But, his memory need not be lost; Buliyo Euta can live on through your donation today to help preserve and protect snow leopards, their habitat, and the people who live amongst them. Please consider a donation today to the groups mentioned above, and to these who work to help beautiful cats like Buliyo Euta: @snowleopardtrust has a $60,000 match going on today only; @snowleopardconservancy who does great work in Nepal and elsewhere; and Brad Clement’s #pangjefoundation (http://pangje.org/donate/). Whatever you do, please dig deep and give today – our world needs it more than ever. | This short video shows one of the last views I had of Buliyo Euta, showing he was very much alive when he left us at Chuksang, Upper Mustang, for Jomsom and – we hope – life saving treatment. He died the next morning and was cremated shortly thereafter. #liveyouradventure #snowleopard #buliyoeuta @clarkliesl @finn_clark @mreverest7x

Mustang, Nepal

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