What do we do now? WTF? This…

What do we do now? WTF? This...

What do we do now? WTF?
This thought, and many more, have been ringing in my ears for the last couple days. I couldn’t think straight today, not because of Hillary losing, but because of him winning. Fear and anger have clouded my brain, racing thoughts of all the good that could be undone in 4 short years.
I’m sure I’m not alone.
But, optimism has slowly crept back in… optimism tempered with empathy, compassion, and resolve.
First off, empathy and compassion for those who have suffered so much in recent decades they’ve thrown their hat in Trump who’s spoon-fed them lies and preyed upon underlying resentments and fear. Empathy because while some are indeed seething racists and misanthropes I struggle to feel much of anything but anger for (I know, not very Christian or Buddhist of me, but I’m neither), there are many Trump supporters who truly have been left behind, abandoned by Democrats and Republicans alike, cast adrift by changing economics, shifting demographics, abysmal education, and a system and society which did little to help. They deserve our empathy, our compassion, for it is their very abandonment by our system which spawned the festering anger and contagious fear which in turn gave rise to Trump.
I have empathty and compassion equally – if not more so – for those who stand to suffer most under Trump. Blacks, Latinos, LGBTQ, immigrants, refugees, and women all stand to suffer greatly under Trump. If his policy threats are true, rights will be stolen in the name of the Constitution; many will suffer in the name of greatness; hatred, fear, and homogeneity will be the driving presumptions.
And, finally, I’m committed to have resolve. I’m not giving in to fear. I won’t let the power of anger and hate taint my perspective. I resolve to stay focused on that which I know is right and true. I resolve to defend the rights of all – black or white, straight or gay, rich or poor, human or animal – and believe first in the goodness of my fellow humans. I resolve to see the other side and the other perspective, and know it’s OK to agree to disagree… and then work toward a common solution. I resolve to defend the truth of [continued in comments]

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