Can a river that is the physical…

Can a river that is the physical...

Can a river that is the physical lifeblood for 500 million people, spiritual cornerstone for 1 billion, and recipient of millions of liters of industrial effluvia and raw human waste, survive? Is the reverence for the Ganges enough to sustain it, to secure its survival? Can a people and a nation save this iconic waterway before it’s too late? And, is there something truly magic about this holy river? It was these questions and more than @pedromcbride and I tried to answer for ourselves, and for others, as we followed Maa Ganga with @davidcmorton source to sea in 2013. The answers, we found, are equally complex as the river itself. We’re honored that our film, Holy (un)Holy River, will be playing tonight at the @boulderfilmfestival with a Talk Back after the show. Hope you can be there! (I would be, but I’m on Kilimanjaro.) #liveyouradventure #holyunholyriver @ashleymosher @eddiebauer @microsoftusa #surface @natgeo


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