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Sadly, on World Wildlife Day (today), we…

Sadly, on World Wildlife Day (today), we find more and more wildlife under great strain across the globe. I came upon this massive bull elephant chomping happily in the Serengeti. He was an old one, long in the tooth (literally and figuratively), and one of the biggest I’ve seen in Africa. Unfortunately for him, that also puts him in the category of at high risk for poaching, and there’s a good chance he has been. Like much of Africa, poaching is a huge problem here in Tanzania. According to a census released in June, 2015, the country was down to 43,000 elephants from 109,000 just 6 years earlier (2009). Fortunately, though, the governments of Tanzania, Kenya, and many other countries have cracked down on poaching and poachers recently, trying to staunch the deaths and flow of illegal ivory, mostly to China (which is also finally making some moves to slow the ivory trade). But, elephants are still at great risk. Check out and support the great work of @elephants_save (@elephantsamburu), one of the leaders in this effort along with @dswt (@sheldrickwildlifetrust). #worldwildlifeday #liveyouradventure #elephant

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So great to be back in #Tanzania…

So great to be back in #Tanzania for another climb of Kilimanjaro, and to be once again raising fund for @africaschoolassistanceproject. Last June, a group of us were here for the same purpose, and got to see firsthand the work and impact the ASAP team is having in rural Tanzania. In a nation where primary school is mandatory, but many areas lack schools and access, there are an estimated 5.1 million Tanzanian children aged 7-17 not attending school. ASAP is making a significant dent in this statistic with schools like #Mbasseny, not far from Kilimanjaro. As with all ASAP projects, Mbasseny students not only have a school to attend, but also have a dedicated and supportive school community to help guide them. It’s an amazing thing to behold, and something that we often take for granted in the developed world. These young ASAP students at the leaders of the Tanzania of tomorrow, and millions more like them need help, too. Please join me in supporting the critical work of @africaschoolassistanceproject and the efforts of my climbing team to raise $19,340 for ASAP through our climb. You can make a donation through the link in my profile. #liveyouradventure @kristenrcavallo @cplating @_mattcavallo

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