Throughout the middle hills of Nepal, the…

Throughout the middle hills of Nepal, the...

Throughout the middle hills of Nepal, the Tamang are one of the dominant ethnic groups. They’re also one of the poorest and most vulnerable groups, as shown by the stats from the 2015 earthquake, when an estimated 1/3 of all deaths and 2/3 of all structure loss was Tamang, while they make up just 5.6% of the national population. Gre, a small village in Rasuwa, is representative of many Tamang villages, with nearly every structure in town crumbling in the earthquake, and almost none having been rebuilt. Yet the people there remain steadfastly optimistic, focused more on getting through today and welcoming tomorrow rather than lamenting the woes of yesterday. | Here, a traditionally-dressed Tamang woman poses for a quick photo in between plowing her potato fields. She wears a traditional Tamang hat and large, plate earrings. #liveyouradventure

Rasuwa, Nepal

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