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Evening hike up our backyard hill, Elephant…

Evening hike up our backyard hill, Elephant Butte, with Wende and the kids, with a little stunning sunset to keep the energy going. Inspiring to see how motivated they become in the natural world, laughing, climbing, observing, and enjoying the beauty outside the home. #liveyouradventure #getoutside #bestmountainartists

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I’m always amazed by the delicate creations…

I’m always amazed by the delicate creations of nature surviving and thriving in the relatively harsh ecosystem of the Colorado high country, like this stunning columbine. It’s often the simple things, tucked into corners below the towering peaks and swaying ponderosas and quaking aspens, that go unnoticed, but tell us most about our natural world. #liveyouradventure #delicatebutstrong

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Every year, a great celebration happens along…

Every year, a great celebration happens along the banks of the #Ganges River. In praise of Durga and her battle of good over evil, thousands of pandals (statues of the gods) are made – ornate statues, intricately painted and showing scenes from the sacred texts. After much celebration and revelry, they’re paraded to the banks of the Ganges and tossed into her swift waters, tumbling and churning and decomposing en route to the Bay of Bengal, their often-toxic paints and materials mixing with the myriad other effluvia in the river. While but a small part of the challenges the Ganges faces, the pandals of Durga Puja are representative of the River’s overall struggle and dichotomy: it is the reverence for the river, for the divine incarnation of Maa Ganga (Mother Ganges) which is killing the river, and it is that same reverence which is he only chance at salvation. The #Ganges River is a paradox. It’s revered and reviled. It’s pristine and polluted, beautiful and horrible, stunning and insane, all at the same time. The story of this most sacred of rivers – which @pedromcbride and I try to tell in our film Holy (un)Holy River – is a complex one, with myriad tributaries and no simple solutions. We’re thrilled to share it tonight (and tomorrow) in #Brooklyn for its New York City premiere thanks to the Brooklyn Film Festival. I’ll be there to answer questions after the film, along with our amazing editor, Anand Kamalakar, and composer, John McDowell. #liveyouradventure #holyunholyriver #BFF2017 @davidcmorton @eddiebauer @surface @natgeo

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