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Last week, I shared some images of…

Last week, I shared some images of artifacts I recovered from #Everest years ago, items from the pre-modern era expeditions that I rediscovered while moving my office. Many people in turn asked about video from that 2004 expedition…I have had one on YouTube for some years, but in poor quality, so finally found the best source footage I have (still not great) and re-uploaded the video I shot while exploring the “mystery” camp on the First Step of the Northeast Ridge back in 2004. It’s an interesting camp, sitting on the ridge crest – above the standard climbing route – and, to me, the likely ascent route used by George Mallory and Andrew Irvine back in 1924. It later became a camp used by the Chinese in 1960 and again in 1975, and then by the French in 1981. It was a cool exploration of a bit of the Northeast Ridge seldom visited by climbers, and full of artifacts from a bygone age. This is the first minute of the video, but check the link in my profile ( for the full version. #liveyouradventure @davehahn.climb

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I remember first meeting @cm back in…

I remember first meeting @cm back in 1993. I was a freshman at Colorado College, and he was an illustrious alum back in town to share stories from his recent climb of K2. I was then – as now – awestruck at a person who could be so accomplished, and yet so humble. As the years passed, I got to know Charley a bit better, eventually sharing a rope with him on climbs in our backyard, and eventually on some bigger trips like our attempt on Everest’s West Ridge. Throughout, Mace’s humble, can-do attitude has shone through, a smile and a laugh at the ready whether we’re dodging hail and lightning a couple pitches up in Clear Creek Canyon, sharing near misses in the Khumbu Icefall, or free forming it on a stunning day in New Zealand, like in this picture from the Remarkables. There are few people I’d rather tie in with, who I’d trust more in any situation, at any time, in any place, with the bond climbers share. Thanks, Charley, for so many good times, and here’s to a Happy Birthday and many more trips around the sun! #liveyouradventure #happybirthday

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The ancient landscape of Mustang, Nepal, is…

The ancient landscape of Mustang, Nepal, is awe inspiring. Jagged canyons – carved first by glaciers and then by the mighty Kali Gandaki – etch the ruddy brown land, exposing towering bands of conglomerate and other sedimentary layers that were just slightly harder than their surroundings and survived the weathering of eons. It was in these hallmark bands of cliffs that ancient peoples, several thousand years ago, carved tombs to bury their dead, and conducted intricate, pre-Buddhist rituals to protect themselves from the undead. Who were these people who settled some 3000 years ago in one of the most inhospitable places on earth? What were their rituals and beliefs, and what of those can still be seen in Mustang today? And, what artifacts and remnants of the past still remain in these myriad, isolated tombs high in the cliffs? I’ve been fortunate to be able to work with @clarkliesl, @mreverest7x, and others for the past two years helping to film and tell the story of these caves and all the secrets they hold. @novapbs is sharing the film, Secrets of the Sky Tombs, for free for the next 4 weeks online. Take a look! (See link in my profile.) | In this photo, Nilgiri is seen towering over the Kali Gandaki River Valley from inside a cave near Rhi Rhi Cave outside of Chuksang, Mustang, Nepal, 2015. #liveyouradventure #skytombs

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