The #Ganges River in India is a…

The #Ganges River in India is a…

The #Ganges River in India is a flowing contradiction. On the one hand, the river is revered, viewed as a living incarnation of the divine in the form of the goddess Maa Ganga. Her physical embodiment as the flowing waters and fertile floodplains of this mighty river that sustains some 500 million people along its 1600 mile course is also revered, for without her the breadbasket of north India would have no lifeblood. Simultaneously, though, and counter-intuitively, the river is a blighted example of anti-respect and abject defilement. Maa Ganga’s waters are recipients of billions of liters of untreated sewage, industrial chemicals, toxic runoff, and human remains on a daily basis; the ample prayers offered to her are no match for the incoming pollutants. It is a strange dichotomy, a river revered and reviled, a paradox of our time and one which threatens the very existence of the Ganges in all its majesty. I’m trilled that our film, Holy (un)Holy River, will screen this weekend at the 20th United Nations Association Film Festival at Stanford (see link in profile), and I’ll be there to answer questions afterward. Hope to see you there! #UNAFF2017 #unaff #liveyouradventure #gangas2s #holyunholyriver @pedromcbride

The Ganges , Rishikesh

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