Water. To most of us in the…

Water. To most of us in the…

Water. To most of us in the developed world, it’s something we take for granted. Turn the right tap, cold, clean water comes out. Turn the left, hot, clean water comes out. Sprinklers click on automatically, spraying potable water on our lawns even when it’s raining. Water scarcity, while a growing concern, is generally just an occasional annoyance for the vast majority of us. But, what if that bounty changed? What if our abundance turned suddenly to scarcity – as in Capetown and many other places – and the taps stopped flowing? We’d find ourselves abruptly tossed into the difficult reality of some 860 million globally who live without consistent access to safe water. For nearly 1 in 7 inhabitants of the globe, days are spent in a continual struggle for water, that most basic foundation of life. Women and children bear most of the brunt, foregoing gainful work or critical schooling to haul water from the nearest water source back to home. Countless millions are sickened by unclean water, and vast numbers die from waterborne illness. Can you imagine your world without safe water? Like me, probably not. So, please join me today – #WorldWaterDay – in not only celebrating water, but also in helping others around the world get access to it and empower them to change their lives for the better. While there are many great organizations to donate to, I’ve chosen to send my support to @water, who’ve impacted some 10 million people already with their innovative water equity financing, and will do much more in the years to come. Water is a given to so many of us… Let’s help it be the same across the globe. #waterisaright #waterequity #liveyouradventure #water #Rwanda

Rulindo District

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