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Eleven. Hard to believe. This girl has…

Eleven. Hard to believe. This girl has taught me beyond words since she came into our lives in 2007. From enduring rain on Mt. Kinabalu at 7 months to handing Taggie to strangers in South 24 Parganas, West Bengal 8 months later, Lila – through our work and perhaps not her choice – experienced more of the world in her first 2 years than I did in my first 2 decades. It caused some shell shock for a while, an understandable desire to be home rather than away, in the known rather than the unknown. But in recent years, her desire to travel, to learn, to engage, and to experience has exploded, coupled with an openness to the experiences available only far outside our Colorado bubble. She’s taught me that patience often leads us to better lessons than haste… All good things come in time as they say. I’ve learned to share her insatiable and unending love for all earth’s creatures (well, except maybe for rats) and – to some extent – her drive to be on or in the ocean as much as possible; to see the world as art and emotion as beauty, laughter as medicine and the world as an oyster more beautiful than anything. It’s been an amazing 11 years so far, Lila… Thanks for sharing them with us, and I cannot wait for the years yet to come. | In Nuqui, Colombia, en route to @morromico. @wendebvalentine #liveyouradventure #liveyourfamilyadventure #happybirthday

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Six miles into the Indian Peaks Wilderness…

Six miles into the Indian Peaks Wilderness from Lake Granby is one of the most stunning areas in all of Colorado, and yet more often than not you can visit it without another soul around. Reflected in the crystal waters of Crater Lake is the pinnacle of Lone Eagle Peak. I’ve spent many days in this valley with no other company but some marmot and moose and my own thoughts and reflections. It’s close in yet far away, and an simple place to absorb the cleansing and healing tonic of wilderness. This is but one of many reasons why I hike. #whyihike #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer #indianpeakswilderness #loneeaglepeak #bestmountainartists

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Every once in a while, your travels…

Every once in a while, your travels take you to a place that is so enchanting, so magnetic in its ethereal spirit and subtle power, that it draws you back before you’ve even left. It’s almost never a result of a single factor such as environmental beauty, cultural significance, or local interaction, but rather a precise and rare recipe combining all the above. We were fortunate enough to stumble upon such a place this past week on the remote, wild, and beautiful Pacific Coast of Colombia north of Nuqui called Morromico. More to come… #liveyouradventure #liveyourfamilyadventure @morromico #morromico

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