Even at 12-1/2, Pema still loves to…

Even at 12-1/2, Pema still loves to…

Even at 12-1/2, Pema still loves to adventure. She’ll plod along slowly on a trail, but as soon as I veer off, her energy rises, the thought of finding a new creek, interesting smells, and of course some nice rocks to carry brings a burst of vigor. We’re often in the boonies, zig-zagging through dead fall, scrambling up rock towers (we have a good system for easy 5th class scrambling with her in between my chest and the rock, lifted from ledge to ledge), fording hidden creeks, and discovering yummy remnants from lion kills. (Pema enjoys the latter more than me.) I’m convinced our adventures, although tiring for both, also help keep her young and strong; I know her companionship in the hills does that for me! And, it’s even better now with the @myraddog “Release N Run” collar we got recently: use the leash when you need it, and when you don’t it stows away into the collar. Pretty sweet setup, and makes it even simpler to get out into no man’s land with Pema. (Full disclosure: Rad Dog sent me the Release N Run to test, but I wouldn’t post something if Pema and I didn’t love it!) | In this photo, Pema atop a cool rock tower in a hidden canyon east of Mount Evans. #liveyouradventure #whyihike #myraddog

Evergreen, Colorado

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