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Pikes Peak is one of my favorite…

Pikes Peak is one of my favorite mountains, if for no other reason than its diversity: within its ramparts you can find terrain to challenge any climber, from a rote beginner to the best on earth. It’s a mountain where everyone can push themselves to set new goals and reach their peak. It was an honor to work with @bentleymotors a few months ago as @rhysmillenracing broke the production SUV record at @pikespeakhillclimb with #Bentayga as I climbed nearby, albeit a tad slower. Looking forward to helping others #reachyourpeak. #liveyouradventure #pikespeak

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Not quite the same as last night’s…

Not quite the same as last night’s display, but still a nice way to end one day and welcome the promise of tomorrow. #liveyouradventure #sunset #thanks #gratitude

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It’s been said that in photography, sunsets…

It’s been said that in photography, sunsets are cliché. While this is perhaps true, I reckon that clichés exist because there’s a degree of profound truth hidden within their tired shells. Sunset for me is a glorious ending that offers in its color and vibrance the promise of more to come, another day’s dawning, and with it the hope of another tomorrow, a better tomorrow, festooned with the playful, hopeful tones fading on the horizon. Tonight Ryrie and I sat by the pond and marveled at the display across the meadow and high above Hicks Mountain, breathing in the promise of tomorrow and the wonder at what just was and what soon will be. “I cry very easily. It can be a movie, a phone conversation, a sunset – tears are words waiting to be written.” – Paulo Coelho #liveyouradventure #sunset #paulocoehlo #tomorrow @eddiebauer

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