Today is #SnowLeopardDay, and my mind inevitably…

Today is #SnowLeopardDay, and my mind inevitably…

Today is #SnowLeopardDay, and my mind inevitably drifts back to this 7 year old male we attempted to save in 2016 in Mustang. He had, we believe, been attacked by villagers after he got many of their sheep; his hind legs were shattered, likely by a boulder. (While horrific, it’s hard to blame the locals whose lives and livelihoods are directly tied to their sheep, and snow leopards have been known to kill an entire herd in one night.) We cared for him during the day, shading him from the sun, offering what protection he would allow, and then with the help of two amazing Nepali wildlife biologists who happened to be in the area, we contained him in a makeshift box for transport down valley to Jomsom and veterinary care. He made it down to Jomsom and was apparently showing signs of improvement (eating and drinking), but then sadly passed that next morning, possibly from an overdose of tranquilizer used in his treatment. It is all a poingant reminder of these precious animals and the precarious situation they are in across the Himalaya. It’s estimated there are only 4,000 – 7,000 snow leopards left in the wild, and those that are face ever increasing pressure from expanding development, human-animal conflict, habitat loss, and climate change. But, there is a lot of hope with amazing programs like the 12-country GSLEP (Global Snow Leopard & Ecosystem Protection Program – link in profile) working across borders to preserve habitat and protect these elusive cats. Huge thanks, too, to @snowleopardtrust and @snowleopardconservancy for their great work. #liveyouradventure #wildlifeconservation #animalportrait #endangeredspecies #snowleopard #buliyoeuta #gslep

Mustang, Nepal

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