Today’s #MountainsMatter quiz! Remember, to be entered…

Today’s #MountainsMatter quiz! Remember, to be entered…

Today’s #MountainsMatter quiz! Remember, to be entered to win at 30” metal print by me, you must: (1) Like this post.
(2) Answer the questions below. An attempt is ok, but bonus points for correct answers!
(3) Make a post of your own on Facebook and/or Instagram showing your favorite mountain(s) and why they matter to you. (4) Tag me (@mountainworld) in your post, and add the hashtags #MountainsMatter and #IMD2018. Tagging me is the only way I can know you made a post!

OK, now the quiz: The timelapse below shows afternoon squalls swirling around a 7061 meter peak towering over an arid landscape carved by a mighty river. The river has scraped out the deepest gorge in the world here, and it this area has been a major trade route for millennia.

What is the name of this peak?
What is the river flowing below?
What sacred site lies nearby, holy for both Hindus and Buddhists?
What ancient fossil – and sacred item – can be found with a little looking in the riverbed and hillsides nearby?
Good luck, and looking forward to your input!
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