Today’s #MountainsMatter quiz! Remember, to be entered…

Today’s #MountainsMatter quiz! Remember, to be entered…

Today’s #MountainsMatter quiz! Remember, to be entered to win at 30” metal print by me, you must: (1) Like this post.
(2) Answer the questions below. An attempt is ok, but bonus points for correct answers!
(3) Make a post of your own on Facebook and/or Instagram showing your favorite mountain(s) and why they matter to you. (4) Tag me (@mountainworld) in your post, and add the hashtags #MountainsMatter and #IMD2018. Tagging me is the only way I can know you made a post!

OK, now the quiz: The focus of today’s quiz is not the snowy peak in the background, but the dramatic, unnamed spire in the foreground. It was climbed on a whim about 55 years ago by two expedition members en route to a much bigger peak. They did a 2-day excursion to the peak from a village below the main mountain’s basecamp. I was told by one of the climbers in 2012 that it went at about 5.8, climbed in lug-soled boots. Who were the two climbers who made the first – and perhaps only – ascent of this peak?
HINT: Both were (and are) heroes of mine, one mentioned as such recently on my timeline. The other, now deceased, has a famous North American ski line named after him and he also did the first ascent of a major continental second highpoint that has never been repeated.
Good luck, and looking forward to your input!
#liveyouradventure @eddiebauer #MountainsMatter #IMD2018 #MountainPartnership

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