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Big Happy Birthday (yesterday) to @pedromcbride, a…

Big Happy Birthday (yesterday) to @pedromcbride, a guy who I admire in myriad ways for his spirit of adventure, passion for telling critical stories about our world, dedication to water and rivers, and all around good nature. We’ve spent some fun times together, from lightning storms pinning us down with @kimhavell and @francothepapa high on Mt. Kenya to epic blizzards on the Gangotri, fetid waters in Agra, and 45 days of following the Ganges source to sea with @davidcmorton. Pete always keeps a smile on his face through it all, allowing the adventure to continue and the story to be told – a skill that few possess. Happy Birthday, Pedro, and here’s to many more adventures to come! | In this shot, Pete jumps a supra-glacial stream high on the Gangotri Glacier as we retreated from a late-monsoon storm in 2013. #happybirthday #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer #bestmountainartists

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