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I always believed that with age came…

I always believed that with age came clarity, and with clarity, simplicity. As I got older, I figured the path through life would be not simpler per se, but at least more clear, as it would be informed by the logic of past experience. I am reminded daily that is not the case; life forever throws curve balls at us, twists and turns like canyons in the desert, always a question about what might lurk around the next bend. The best we can do is listen to our hearts, try to live and lead with integrity and purpose, admit our failures and missteps in the hope that others see those missteps and failures as signs of being human – not as nefarious – and then we keep plodding forward, following our heart and our gut on the best course we know. | Canyons of Nevada from the air, en route to Vegas today, then Tanzania tomorrow. #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer #learningthroughmistakeseveryday

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