It’s Mother’s Day here in Tibet, so…

It’s Mother’s Day here in Tibet, so…

It’s Mother’s Day here in Tibet, so taking a moment before heading up to the North Col to recognize the amazing mothers in my life. To my amazing wife, @wendebvalentine, who not only puts up with my antics, but is the voice of reason and logic in raising our great kids (the great is thanks to her, too!). To my mom, Alice, who’s given me nothing but love and support in spades for 45 years, allowing me to be who I am, but still helping guide a better course when necessary. To my stepmother, Susan, who’s always been there with a listening and loving ear, a vote of support, and a swift kick in the butt as needed (and it’s been needed a lot!). To my mother-in-law, Lynne, who has always been anything but the stereotypical mother-in-law, instead offering love, support, and inclusion day in and out. And, to my sister, Dolly, who lives life with conviction and purpose, raising 2 awesome kids on her own and always doing it in style. I can’t imagine where I’d be without these amazing women who are shining lights to follow, learn from, and emulate. Thank you, mothers, and tashi delek from Tibet. #mothersday #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer

Mount Everest, Himalayas

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