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Despite what you see on the news…

Despite what you see on the news and in the papers, Everest isn’t all, or always, a traffic jam. Here, @sid_pattison finds some solitude off the beaten track on the Northeast Ridge.
Like most popular mountains, it’s vogue to apply blanket labels, be them good or bad. Everest is neither. It’s a mountain. It’s a place where dreams are realized, and where they’re crushed. Lives are fulfilled here, and they’re extinguished. It is a place of beauty and sorrow and spinelessness and heroism and all the shades and adjectives reflected in humanity. Everest defies definition, and likewise evades simplistic descriptions of its good and bad aspects.
I’m hopeful that people can stop trying to cast it in one color or another, to throw a blanket of good or bad atop it and declare simplistic solutions to a complex problem. It’s never that simple, and it always misses the point – and the solution. Everest needs changes, but those won’t come without real dialogue and tough decisions.
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