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Inspirational Quotations

I love quotes. I collect them when I come upon them. I rabidly underline all my books, making note of …

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Don’t Think…Blink

In my keynote, Climb Your Everest, I touch on several concepts which are essential in climbing both the physical Mount …

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Discussions on Everest

The Everest climbing season for 2007 is well underway…and it is a busy one. Lots of expeditions and lots of …

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Super Sherpas – The Backbone of Himalayan Mountaineering

This spring on the slopes of Mount Everest a timely (and, in my opinion, long overdue) documentary will be created: …

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The Right Team

Recently, Fortune Magazine’s online section featured a Q&A with author (and climber) Jim Collins, who penned the great books Built …

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Everest gear, circa 1933

I came across this wonderful image from a 1933 advertisement for a new windsuit to be used on Mount Everest …

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Motivation through Hardship

Sometimes, the best lessons and the strongest motivations come from our hardest experiences in life. My friend Quinn Simons and …

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Tracks in the Sahara Desert, Morocco

Footsteps in the Sahara Desert of Morocco Footsteps at sunrise mark the red dunes of Erg Chagaga, 56 kilometers from …

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Video Night

The Greatest Adventure

The greatest adventure of all…is any episode that involves a risking of self, and with it, a vulnerability that promises to transform us into something new and different. – Pico Iyer

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The Sherpas (and sherpas) of Everest

The idea of climbing the great Himalayan peaks is not traditional in the region; it came with Westerners in the mid-1800’s. The sahibs understood immediately that assistance from the local people would prove invaluable in their attempts to climb these high mountains. The first Nepali people hired for expedition work were the Sherpa living in Darjeeling, India. Over the years, the Sherpa were hired again and again as climbing partners and assistants in the Himalaya. When Nepal opened its doors to foreigners in 1950 (after a revolution toppled the Rana regime which ruled Nepal from 1846-1950), the Sherpa became even more a mainstay of Himalayan climbing. In 1953, when Sherpa Tenzin Norgay summited Everest with Sir Edmund Hillary, members of this small Nepali hill tribe hit the world news.

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