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Teamwork: The Only Way to Climb…

For a team to function well, to have a prayer of reaching its goals, each member must be committed, 100%, to the end goal. There can be no selfishness, no looking out for #1 at the expense of the common goal. I have been reminded of this on more than one occasion.

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Ed Viesturs and Dreams

All of us must do this: Create a dream for ourselves. Set ever higher goals in life, shoot for ever loftier summits. The road will be challenging, the path at times insecure.

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Nepal headed for peace…

On Tuesday, the Nepalese government and the Maoist insurgency, led by Prachanda, came to a monumental meeting of the minds with the Maoists agreeing to lay down their arms in exchange for a legitimate position in the interim parliament.

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Fear & Survival

Fear is a double-edged sword, capable of either overwhelming and paralyzing us, or focusing all our energies and strength on the job at hand, on ensuring success.

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Upcoming events in Colorado!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my work is in a new book published by the American Himalayan Foundation …

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Listen to Jake’s Live Interview on Midday Utah!

I had the opportunity to speak live with Diane Maggipinto on NPR member station KCPW in Salt Lake City, Utah, …

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Everest Summit Panorama

I just came across a beautiful panorama view from the summit of Mount Everest on the website You can …

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Hear Jake on KCPW!

Beginning at 9:10 AM tomorrow, October 26, 2006, I will be featured in a live interview with Diane Maggipinto on …

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Colorado PTA Flag atop Gurla Mandhata!

As an official partner of Colorado PTA, I agreed to take the Colorado PTA official flag with me to the …

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Jake’s work in new book by American Himalayan Foundation

I have always admired the American Himalayan Foundation and their commitment to – and success in – bettering the lives …

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