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Sending a big Happy Birthday to John…

Sending a big Happy Birthday to John Griber! I’ve had great times in the high mountains with lots of people, and #Everest 2009 was no exception. John and I shared a tent at the South Col, where we were delayed by a day by weather and got the opportunity to tour around the nooks and crannies of the Col to gaze down the #Kangshung Face and east to #Kanchenjunga and beyond. The next day we went to the summit, scrambling up and over and around lines of climbers to avoid some of the chaos and get the shots we needed for @eddiebauer of our climbers, @ed_viesturs and Peter Whittaker. We reached the top in beautiful weather, spent about 2 hours up there shooting, and then descended to Camp. But, the day was not over as we ended up helping the indefatigable @benegas_brothers with a rescue of another climber. But, all the while, #Griber kept up his characteristic good humor, making me laugh even when I would’ve preferred to cry. Sending you great birthday wishes, my friend, and hope to see you soon. | In this photo, John gazes up toward the South Summit at sunrise with #Makalu dominating the background. #liveyouradventure #mounteverest #bestmountainartists #Nepal

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Little bit late to the #bestnine2015 party,…

Little bit late to the #bestnine2015 party, but thanks to all for the likes and support. Not surprisingly, most of my top 2015 photos were from and about #Nepal…so, I owe, as always, a big thank you to Nepal – the people, places, faces, memories, moments, friendships, and inherent, integral, inspiring, stunning beauty that is Nepal. Dhanyabhad, and here’s to a great 2016! #2015bestninešŸŒŸ #2015bestnine #liveyouradventure #nepaliloveyou #92015 #HelpCarryTheLoad

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Wishing a huge Happy Birthday to one…

Wishing a huge Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing people out there. I’ve had the opportunity to spend lots of time with @pedromcbride over the years – from lightning storms on Mt. #Kenya to sewage streams on the #Ganges in #India – and he’s one of those rare souls who never ceases to smile, endure, and keep on inspiring and working to make the world a better place. Thoughtful, insightful, and immensely talented and creative – not to mention hilarious – Pedro is one of the few who I’d share any adventure with, anywhere. Oh, and he’s pretty damn good at handstands, too – even atop a boulder at 14,000 feet on the lateral morraine of the #Gangotri Glacier in India with the #Bhagirathi peaks watching from above. Happy Birthday, Pedro: here’s to more adventures in 2016! Keep inspiring us all with your stories and passion! #happybirthday #handstand #liveyouradventure

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Sending much love and strength to the…

Sending much love and strength to the people of #Imphal, #Manipur, #India today in the wake of the 6.7 #earthquake that hit early this morning, affecting those in nearby #Myanmar as well. May the worst now be over, and may reconstruction and a return to normal life come swiftly. Sending thoughts to those who lost loved ones in the quake. Om shanti shanti shanti. #shanti #om #manipurearthquake #indiagram #indiapictures #indiaphotos #liveyouradventure

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The sun sets behind Himalayan peaks as viewed from the South Col, 26,000 feet, on Mount Everest.

Welcoming the New Year

And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been. ~ Rainer Rilke ~ As 2015 …

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The ethereal summit of #Nuptse West emerges…

The ethereal summit of #Nuptse West emerges from clouds at sunset as viewed from #Khumbu Basecamp on #Everest. Nuptse west was first climbed in 1988 by a Korean team – along with 2 #Sherpa, Lhakpa Norbu and Pasang Dawa – and has seen few ascents since, especially compared to its higher and more famous neighbor. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most dramatic peaks in the area, with different personalities from every angle. #liveyouradventure #Nepal #blackandwhite #monochrome #bestmountainartists #mountainlove #mountainlovers #mountainsmatter

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#tbt to May 22, 1963, high on…

#tbt to May 22, 1963, high on the West Ridge of Mount #Everest. In this photo separation from our 2013 film, High and Hallowed: Everest 1963, Tom Hornbein is seen climbing the upper sections of West Ridge during he and Willi Unsoeld’s first ascent of the route. Tom is also heard describing this part of the climb in his humble, understated way. If you haven’t seen the film, or if you want to watch it again, you can catch it now on @outsidetelevision or rent or buy it on @Vimeo (link in my profile). #liveyouradventure #highandhallowed @eddiebauer @davidcmorton @jimaikman #tomhornbein #williunsoeld #AMEE #westridge

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While far from perfect, and likely not…

While far from perfect, and likely not nearly as aggressive as it should or could have been, I’m proud of the world community for coming together at #COP21 in #Paris to address #ClimateChange. And, glad our efforts through the #MountainPartnership helped get mountains, mountain peoples, and mountain environments on the agenda and the table as well. Now, here’s to hoping the short-sighted, self-interested in our political system don’t scuttle the strides that have been made. Money in the pocket today is slitting our own throats in the long term. | In this photo, @davidcmorton and @charley.mace descend from the summit of Mount Cook (#Aoraki), New #Zealand. #climatechangeisreal #earthtoparis #earthtocongress #liveyouradventure @welovemountains @unitednations

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Want to hear firsthand stories from the…

Want to hear firsthand stories from the 1963 American #Everest Expedition by pioneer climber Tom #Hornbein? How about in-depth, fascinating history of the expedition by award-winning author Brot Coburn? Want to hear about the 2012 expedition and award-winning film retelling the story of 1963? And, want to support #conservation in #Nepal at the same time? Please join me, #TomHornbein, and #BrotCoburn next Wednesday, December 16, in Fort Collins, #Colorado, for an amazing evening of Everest stories and memories. All proceeds from the event will support the Chandra Gurung Conservation Trust. See the link in my profile for more information and to buy your tickets! | In this photo, @davidcmorton climbs high on the West Ridge Headwall on our attempt to repeat Hornbein and #Unsoeld ‘s audacious 1963 ascent. @charley.mace #brentbishop @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #highandhallowed #everest1963 #AMEE #williunsoeld #chandragurung #nepaliloveyou #HelpCarryTheLoad @graysonschaffer

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#tbt to May 30, 2003, at Mushroom…

#tbt to May 30, 2003, at Mushroom Rock (28,050 feet/8550 meters) on the Northeast Ridge of #Everest. I was there shooting for Outdoor Life Network and the Global Extremes reality series, a still camera in my hands and a lipstick cam (a year before @gopro hit the market) on my head sending live transmissions to Basecamp via a coffee can sized (and very fickle) transmitter in my pack. The hope was to air the first live climb of Everest; it would have worked had politics not gotten in the way. As it was, we transmitted live footage down, which was cut live and commentated by @conrad_anker, Craig Hummer, and Peter Whittaker, and then driven to #Nepal where it was transmitted semi-live from #Kodari. Snafus aside, it was one of the nicer days I’ve had on the mountain, with warm temps, sunny skies, and majestic views. This photo shows the view from Mushroom Rock looking up the Ridge at the Second Step and summit; Lots sits off to the left. #liveyouradventure #mushroomrock #secondstep #sunrise #bestmountainartists #Tibet @khfilms @seracfilms @tedmahon

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