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#tbt to May 22, 1963, high on…

#tbt to May 22, 1963, high on the West Ridge of Mount #Everest. In this photo separation from our 2013 film, High and Hallowed: Everest 1963, Tom Hornbein is seen climbing the upper sections of West Ridge during he and Willi Unsoeld’s first ascent of the route. Tom is also heard describing this part of the climb in his humble, understated way. If you haven’t seen the film, or if you want to watch it again, you can catch it now on @outsidetelevision or rent or buy it on @Vimeo (link in my profile). #liveyouradventure #highandhallowed @eddiebauer @davidcmorton @jimaikman #tomhornbein #williunsoeld #AMEE #westridge

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While far from perfect, and likely not…

While far from perfect, and likely not nearly as aggressive as it should or could have been, I’m proud of the world community for coming together at #COP21 in #Paris to address #ClimateChange. And, glad our efforts through the #MountainPartnership helped get mountains, mountain peoples, and mountain environments on the agenda and the table as well. Now, here’s to hoping the short-sighted, self-interested in our political system don’t scuttle the strides that have been made. Money in the pocket today is slitting our own throats in the long term. | In this photo, @davidcmorton and @charley.mace descend from the summit of Mount Cook (#Aoraki), New #Zealand. #climatechangeisreal #earthtoparis #earthtocongress #liveyouradventure @welovemountains @unitednations

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Want to hear firsthand stories from the…

Want to hear firsthand stories from the 1963 American #Everest Expedition by pioneer climber Tom #Hornbein? How about in-depth, fascinating history of the expedition by award-winning author Brot Coburn? Want to hear about the 2012 expedition and award-winning film retelling the story of 1963? And, want to support #conservation in #Nepal at the same time? Please join me, #TomHornbein, and #BrotCoburn next Wednesday, December 16, in Fort Collins, #Colorado, for an amazing evening of Everest stories and memories. All proceeds from the event will support the Chandra Gurung Conservation Trust. See the link in my profile for more information and to buy your tickets! | In this photo, @davidcmorton climbs high on the West Ridge Headwall on our attempt to repeat Hornbein and #Unsoeld ‘s audacious 1963 ascent. @charley.mace #brentbishop @eddiebauer #liveyouradventure #highandhallowed #everest1963 #AMEE #williunsoeld #chandragurung #nepaliloveyou #HelpCarryTheLoad @graysonschaffer

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#tbt to May 30, 2003, at Mushroom…

#tbt to May 30, 2003, at Mushroom Rock (28,050 feet/8550 meters) on the Northeast Ridge of #Everest. I was there shooting for Outdoor Life Network and the Global Extremes reality series, a still camera in my hands and a lipstick cam (a year before @gopro hit the market) on my head sending live transmissions to Basecamp via a coffee can sized (and very fickle) transmitter in my pack. The hope was to air the first live climb of Everest; it would have worked had politics not gotten in the way. As it was, we transmitted live footage down, which was cut live and commentated by @conrad_anker, Craig Hummer, and Peter Whittaker, and then driven to #Nepal where it was transmitted semi-live from #Kodari. Snafus aside, it was one of the nicer days I’ve had on the mountain, with warm temps, sunny skies, and majestic views. This photo shows the view from Mushroom Rock looking up the Ridge at the Second Step and summit; Lots sits off to the left. #liveyouradventure #mushroomrock #secondstep #sunrise #bestmountainartists #Tibet @khfilms @seracfilms @tedmahon

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A recent article by @universityofleeds #glaciologists in…

A recent article by @universityofleeds #glaciologists in @washingtonpost raised some frightening discoveries: #supraglacial ponds are forming at an alarming rate on the surface of the #Khumbu #Glacier on Mount #Everest, #Nepal. In other words, water – melted snow and ice – is flowing and pooling on the surface of the glacier. Water absorbs heat more readily than ice, thus creating more melt, which in turn creates more water…a feedback loop. This is but one of many findings showing how fragile our world mountains are, and how heavily they are being impacted by a warming climate. In my travels and expeditions worldwide, I’ve seen and heard this repeatedly. I’ve heard #Bakonjo elders in the #Rwenzori lament the retreating glaciers of #Ptolemy’s Mountains of the Moon; I’ve seen the famed Snows of #Kilimanjaro dwindle to mere patches; I’ve witnessed the ferocious destruction of the 2013 #Uttarakhand #GLOF; I’ve seen farmers in #Colorado lose land to drought, and the trees in my backyard wither under the oppression of drought; I’ve seen the glaciers of #Rainier shrink, and the mighty #Ganges reduced in places to a trickle of sewage and industrial waste. I’m not a scientist…but I know enough of them and read enough by them to know #climatechangeisreal. And, sadly, at 41 I’m old enough to have witnessed its heavy hand in the places I hold most dear. Here’s to the world leaders at #COP21 in #Paris taking some meaningful action this month. May they hold the torch of courage high, and push for real commitments and real change. #TheTimeIsNow. | In this photo, the Khumbu Glacier flows between the jagged peaks of Everest, #Lhotse, and #Nuptse. #earthtoparis #mountainsmatter @unitednations #mountainmatters @welovemountains #mountainpartnership #UNFCCC @climatereality #liveyouradventure

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I'm #thankful for a great many things - incredible family near and far, great kids, a wonderful world to explore and learn from, and the list goes on. But, more than anything, my wife who brings light, laughter, and love to everything she does...and the occasional jump, too.

I’m #thankful for a great many things…

I’m #thankful for a great many things – incredible family near and far, great kids, a wonderful world to explore and learn from, and the list goes on. But, more than anything, my wife who brings light, laughter, and love to everything she does…and the occasional jump, too. #lucky #liveyouradventure @wendebvalentine

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I was confused on multiple fronts. First,…

I was confused on multiple fronts. First, she looked like a #Navajo woman I had seen in the desert of New Mexico not long before; the resemblance – not simply in look, but also affect and ornamentation – was uncanny. To add to my confusion, I was pretty sure she said she was from Kham, in the foothills of the #Hengduan Mountains. That was at least 1,300 miles from our current location at the foot of Mount #Kailash, a huge distance made more remarkable by the fact that she was a #drokpa, or #Tibetan #nomad, and had walked the entire way to make her sacred #kora, or #circumambulation, of the mountain. The journey took her a month to complete, walking every step of the way. She said she came not only because the kora is auspicious and important to make in one’s life, but also because she heard the mountains are changing. Indeed, they are: the mountains around Kailash are seeing rapid glacial recession, threatening the major rivers (#Indus, #Brahmaputra, #Karnali, #Sutlej) that flow from there, but also the health of the sprawling grasslands which are the hallmark of the #Tibetan Plateau, and the cornerstone of the drokpa way of life. How can it be that this woman – perhaps one of the smallest contributors to global warming – will be one of the hardest hit? Let’s ensure she and other #mountain people have voices at #COP21 in #Paris. Sign the petition in my profile, and help tell the world that #MountainsMatter! #UNFCCC @unitednations #cop21paris #liveyouradventure #climatechangeisreal #facesofclimatechange #mountainfacesofclimatechange @climatereality @welovemountains #mountainpartnership #portraitmood #china

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#Bristlecone in the mist. I love the sublime beauty of #winter: stark and harsh, yet intense beauty for those who seek it.

#Bristlecone in the mist. I love the…

#Bristlecone in the mist. I love the sublime beauty of #winter: stark and harsh, yet intense beauty for those who seek it. #liveyouradventure

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The 8th century #Hindu saint, #Shankara (#Samkara),…

The 8th century #Hindu saint, #Shankara (#Samkara), often used the analogy of the ocean to explain the #monist theory of #Advaita #Vedanta to his disciples: one looks at the ocean and sees waves, foam, spray, etc. But, in reality, it is all just the ocean. #Duality is the illusion; all is indeed one. A #mountain reflection – like this one of #Nuptse – could also be used: we see the mountain and the reflection, and perceive them as separate; but, again, the duality is illusory. By Vedantic thinking, it is this illusion of duality that keeps us from truth, from #enlightenment, and locked in the cycle of #samsara, death and rebirth. Could we apply similar thinking to humanity? We look at the vast ocean of humans, and see lots of other: different faces, different colors, different beliefs and faiths and perspectives. That concept of other is then often used to de-humanize, which in turn makes it easy to vilify, to view the other as inhuman…and our compassion dwindles, our care evaporates. But, again, duality is perhaps the illusion. Are we not all one, with a fundamental commonality of needs and desires? Is it the perception of duality which erodes our compassion and ultimately prevents us from finding peace? #fridayphilosophy

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As I ran through the mountains this…

As I ran through the mountains this morning, trying to cast off the worry and sorrow over #Paris (and the countless other daily sorrows: #Beirut, #Baghdad, #Burundi, #Syria, #Gaza, #Nepal, #Umpqua, and more), the words of #Gandhi came to mind: “An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.” How true. Perhaps it’s human nature to seek revenge, to punch back, shoot back, strike back with vitriol and vehemence, to right a wrong with force and avenge a misdeed. But, the revenge only creates another wrong to be righted, another eye lost, and the circle continues. As a scholar (and lover) of all religion, but a follower of none, I often seek the words of the great thinkers of faith…their words and thoughts and deeds sprung from difficult times, times of sorrow and war and hatred and vengeance. And rarely, if ever, did they speak of striking back, of righting wrong through wrong (although their followers – of all faiths – are skilled at distorting words and meanings to serve violent ends). So, some words of hope from centuries past: God is not merciful to him who is not so to mankind. – #Muhammad. Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. – #Psalm 34:14. A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. – #Jesus. Lead me from hate to love, from war to peace. Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe. Peace, peace, peace. – #Upanishads. Have compassion for all beings, rich and poor alike; each has their own suffering. – #Buddha. Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu. #prayforparis #prayforpeace #prayforpeople #weareallconnected #weareallone #prayfortheworld #prayforourworld

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