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#Autumn is always one of my favorite…

#Autumn is always one of my favorite seasons. Pleasant days, cool crisp nights, and an explosion of #color in the high country. | In this photo, aspens and evergreens mix with the vivid oranges of mining effluvia in Red Mountain Creek near #Ironton, #Colorado. #fallcolor #fallfoliage

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#tbt to #Manvar, #Rajasthan, #India, 2005. Kids…

#tbt to #Manvar, #Rajasthan, #India, 2005. Kids chase an adult friend across the silhouetted dunes of the Great #Thar #Desert at sunset. Such a joy to watch, photograph, and interact, listening to giggles and laughter echoing through the quiet evening of the desert landscape. The best entertainment is often just your feet and the playground of nature. #indiapictures #thardesert #everydayasia #everydayindia #indiaphotos #india_gram #silhouette #travelstoke

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The iconic #Taj #Mahal, built in 1653…

The iconic #Taj #Mahal, built in 1653 by Emperor Shah #Jahan on the banks of the #Yamuna River (a major tributary to the #Ganges), is a model of perfection in myriad ways. It’s symmetry is stunning, it’s white marble facade takes on the colors of the sky, it’s dedication to love a symbol of beauty. And, Shah Jahan’s builders did an incredible job constructing the monument, erecting it on a sturdy foundation of #ebony wood. There’s no way they could have known, however, that the future of the Yamuna – whose waters are critical to the wood foundation, keeping it moist and preventing shrinkage – would be so bleak. These days, the once-mighty Yamuna flows past the Taj as a fetid trickle, its #Himalayan waters tapped and polluted by the 15 million inhabitants of #Delhi and countless more upstream. The result: architects and archeologists are seeing cracks forming in the face of the ancient structure, and tilting in its minarets. Perhaps it’s time for the love that motivated Shah Jahan to build the Taj to be directed to protection of the Yamuna. | In this photo, a bird flies past the Taj, silhouetted against the setting sun on the banks of the Yamuna. #India #GangaS2S #liveyouradventure #everydayasia #everydayindia #indiapictures #indiaphotos #tajmahal #ic_water

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#tbt to 2011, #Rwanda. So many things…

#tbt to 2011, #Rwanda. So many things impressed me about Rwanda: the cleanliness of the capital city, #Kigali; the overall friendliness and openness of the people; the intense and sublime beauty of this “Land of a Thousand Hills.” But the biggest stand out for me in Rwanda was one simple, profound, and all too rare in the modern world trait: #resilience. This woman, like so many in Rwanda, had lived through the horrors and atrocities of the genocide. She’s all family members slaughtered, communities torn apart, and her country brutally divided. She was at #Burega Pond – a dried up puddle that is the only water source nearby – to fill five gallon jugs with water for her family. Her journey took more than an hour one way, up hills and down hills, and all under the baking Rwandan sun. She had every right to complain, to be bitter, to lament her lot in life and all the hardship that came with it. But she didn’t. She simply carried on, with poise and grace and dignity, radiating beauty from inside and out. Hers is the Rwanda I remember. #everydayafrica #rulindo #portrait @waterforpeople

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A #face can tell amazing stories, even…

A #face can tell amazing stories, even if the full one is unknown. He was a non-verbal man, either unwilling or unable to tell me his story. He sat, a look of melancholic acceptance on his face, near the entrance to #Ugratara Temple, not far from famed #Asan #Tole, an ancient market in #Kathmandu. He was begging for alms, perhaps a recent victim of the #NepalQuake made homeless by the tremor, or maybe a victim of the vicious cycle of poverty and inequality that pervades modern Nepal. Either way, his was not a desperate look, not one of victimization, but rather, again, of acceptance, of knowing today would be tough, tomorrow likely the same, but a flicker of hope that the future might improve washed across his expression. With a nod, a bow, and a Namaste, I dropped some rupees into his bowl, wished him well, and went on my way. Stories told, but never known. #nepalearthquake #nepalphotoproject #HelpCarryTheLoad #liveyouradventure #dktm #portrait #nepaliloveyou

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The night sky can make you feel…

The night sky can make you feel pretty insignificant, but in the most #inspiring and enlightening of ways. Here, the Milky Way glitters above the dusky #desert and sculpted towers of City of Rocks, #Idaho. #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer @davidcmorton @erikleidecker @wendebvalentine @miahwatt @sid_pattison #cityofrocks #travelstoke #MilkyWay

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Wrapping up an awesome four days in…

Wrapping up an awesome four days in City of Rocks, climbing with fellow @eddiebauer teammates and families. A great time with climbers aged 5 to 68, enjoying the sun, fun, rock, and beauty of the City. Here @davidcmorton belays @erikleidecker on the classic 5.10a Thin Slice. #liveyourfamilyadventure #liveyouradventure @wendebvalentine @miahwatt @sid_pattison #cityofrocks #idaho

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What is the future of #Nepal? It’s…

What is the future of #Nepal? It’s written in the youthful smile of its children, in the innocent twinkle of their eyes, the untainted spirit of their hearts. Despite the challenges the country faces – some endemic, some brought on by the #earthquake – I’m confident in the future when I speak to the children. Their vision of tomorrow is as yet unclouded by corruption and apathy, ingrained inequality and the dangerous fatalism – or more dangerous violent action – it engenders. Their vision is what a child’s – and indeed an adult’s – should be: one of optimism, of hope, of the belief that tomorrow, if combined with effort and tenacity and diligence and coupled with empathy and compassion, will be better than today, and the next day better than tomorrow. In short, their’s is a vision of hope. May that vision stay true, innocent, uncorrupted, and strong. Thanks to @mountainfund and #HerFarm for making such a difference! #nepaliloveyou #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepalquake #liveyouradventure #hopefulfuture #dailylifenepal #dailylifeasia #buildbackbetter #dktm #nepalphotoproject #Mankhu #Dhading

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Sometimes I miss the forest for the…

Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees. As we walked from #Mankhu down to the road, after a long day of shooting and sweating and documenting the #gabion band building technique, I was focused on the ground in front of me – hard to see in the dwindling twilight – and the people eeking out the final moments of the day in their fields. And there he was, a #Tamang man standing silently beside his equally-quiet buffalo, gaze cast to the southeast in quiet contemplation and even reverence. I smiled, said hello, and his silence continued unabated, with only a slight nod and the classic #Nepali lip-point, indicating I should look where he was looking. And, then I saw it: a #sunset of sunsets, emblazoned clouds roiling over the lush, green hills of middle #Nepal. Together we sat, silently, for a moment, and then went our separate ways. #weareallconnected #liveyouradventure #HelpCarryTheLoad #nepaliloveyou #nepalquake #HelpCarryTheLoad #Dhading #nepaliloveyou

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She wouldn’t tell me her name, saying…

She wouldn’t tell me her name, saying it was not important. She simple told me to call her “grandmother”. Her best guess is that she’s about 88 years old. She was walking spryly, easily, along the dirt path winding through the shattered brick houses and lush foliage near #Goganpani, #Dhading, #Nepal. She was heading home with what little rice and #sabji (vegetables) she could afford from the nearby market…a home she lives in alone. He son lives in #Kathmandu, she told me, and rarely visits; her daughter is married, and too busy with her husband’s family to come by often . So, she lives alone in the middle hills, a deep smile still etching her weathered face, a laugh quick to bubble through even discussions of the challenges she faces daily. As different as they are, she nonetheless reminded me of my just-deceased grandmother, who lived alone as well until her passing at age 95. How similar, and yet how different. Opposite sides of the world, two #elderly women sharing similar traits and stories, yet living them out in vastly different ways thanks to the roulette of geography, ethnicity, opportunity. It’s amazing to me how lives and paths can be dictated by virtue of geography. She was born to poverty in the middle hills of Nepal; my grandmother to relative affluence in rural #Illinois. Language and faith, work ethic, ethnicity, smarts, and determination played scant role in their polar opposite lives; it was the luck of the draw which dictated the relative ease or challenge of their lives, the realities and opportunities they would face. Another chance reminder to me of how connected we all are, despite physical miles of distance, and how the stories of our lives – the stories of opportunity and wealth and health and so much of life – is dictated more by chance than choice. We are all connected, in this big ship as one, and we rise and fall together. #weareallconnected #liveyouradventure #nepaliloveyou #nepalphotoproject #nepalquake #everydaynepal #everydayasia #portrait

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