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One of the things I love about…

One of the things I love about preparing new presentations is I often dig into my image archives and rediscover photographs I had completely forgotten. Last week, I find this one of @charlesmace (Charley Mace) and Brent Bishop tagging the dramatic 12,218 foot #summit of #Aoraki, or Mount #Cook, New Zealand’s highest peak. Good memories of a great trip and climb for @eddiebauer! #liveyouradventure #hi5_fa @davidcmorton #newzealand

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The sun may have set on our…

The sun may have set on our #Kilimanjaro climb, but thanks to your generous donations and the hard work of the good people at @charitywater, a new day is dawning for people in the #Sahel region of #Africa. We surpassed our goal of $19,340, and as of this morning, we’ve collectively raised $20,155, meaning that 575 people will now get access to clean, safe #water. I can’t say enough how appreciative I am of all the generosity and support, and how proud I am of our Kilimanjaro team!

In this #timelapse, shot over several hours from Outward Bound School Hut, evening clouds swirl over Mount #Mawenzi, a satellite peak of Kilimanjaro. Camera batteries were kept charged thanks to @voltaicsystems! #charitywater #Tanzania #liveyouradventure

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This #Kilimanjaro climb was my sixth on…

This #Kilimanjaro climb was my sixth on the mountain, but first time on the #Rongai Route. An incredible route, few people, and we opted to spend a couple nights acclimating here at #Mawenzi Tarn Camp. Beautiful camp and setting under brilliant stars and the serrated peak of Mawenzi. #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer #water @charitywater

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Leopards are renowned for their tree climbing…

Leopards are renowned for their tree climbing ability, and this one was showing us why. After sitting 50 feet up in the crown of an #acacia, swaying in the wind like John Muir, he finally descended with remarkable grace and poise, limb to limb, to more stable terrain. A nice treat on our way out of #Serengeti and back home. #Tanzania #leopard #liveyouradventure

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Good night, #Serengeti, and thanks for a…

Good night, #Serengeti, and thanks for a great day! #liveyouradventure #Tanzania

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Safari is exhausting! Having a blast here…

Safari is exhausting! Having a blast here in the northern #Serengeti, #Tanzania, admiring the incredible animals like these #hippos in a mud-and-dug hole. Big, fast, and mean…not a good place for a swim. #liveyouradventure

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Nearing the summit of #Kilimanjaro at sunrise…

Nearing the summit of #Kilimanjaro at sunrise on a stunning morning. We’ve nearly hit our goal of $19,340 for @charitywater and their work in the #Sahel. Thank you to all who have donated!

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Tomorrow morning we begin climbing for #water…

Tomorrow morning we begin climbing for #water up #Kilimanjaro. We’ll be climbing via a route I’ve not been on, the #Rongai Route from the north side; it’ll be great to see a new side of this beautiful mountain. And, huge thanks to ask so far who have supported our goal of raising $19,340 for @charitywater – as of this writing, we’re at $13,761.74! Every penny is going directly to #charitywater and their work in the #Sahel. Onward!

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Missing these two already, not to mention…

Missing these two already, not to mention my amazing wife, @wendebvalentine. It gets harder to leave on trips with each passing year, knowing that in my absence irreplaceable moments are passing, never to coke again. But, on the bright side, I’m off on another great fundraising expedition, this time to #Kilimanjaro to raise money for @charitywater with a great team. We’re hoping to raise $19,340 for charity:water’s #Sahel campaign, which would bring the #Challenge21 total to over $300,000 raised for safe #water and #sanitation. I’ll miss Wende and the kids terribly, but console myself, as I reminded them on the way to school this morning, that in the words of George #Mallory in 1921 on #Everest: “Goodnight and great love to you. We see the same stars. ” #charitywater #liveyouradventure

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A year ago, @pedromcbride @davidcmorton and I…

A year ago, @pedromcbride @davidcmorton and I were stumbling through three feet of fresh #monsoon snow down the #Gangotri Glacier, retreating from an attempt on #Chaukhamba IV, and beginning our journey down the #Ganges River, source to sea. Great memories from an amazing adventure, and psyched to see our film on the story coming together! @eddiebauer @microsoftusa #Surface @natgeo #GangaS2S

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