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Eyes of Buddha at Bodhnath Stupa, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Nepal Earthquake: Update on situation, and how to help

The day is just beginning in Nepal, and news will likely bring more sadness and tragedy. Aftershocks reportedly are still …

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A young girl in the Kathmandu Valley, Nepal.

Nepal Earthquake: Updates, and What to do and How to help

As most everyone knows by now, there was a devastating, magnitude 7.9 earthquake at midday on April 25, 2015, with …

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Sending thoughts, love, and prayers to the…

Sending thoughts, love, and prayers to the people of #Nepal on this tragic day. #sadness #everydaynepal
Photo: The ancient statue of King #Bupatindra #Malla sits above Durbar Square in #Bhaktapur, Nepal, a city which weathered the devastating 1935 earthquake.

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An Earth Day wish: look to the…

An Earth Day wish: look to the mountains (full blog post link in my profile). “Look to the mountains on this day. Take in their beauty, their majesty, their power…and their frailty. Understand that they are the harbingers of climate change, and they are showing its first effects. And, take action.” In this photo, the #Gangotri #Glacier weaves its way down from the wall of the #Chaukhamba peaks. As the source of the #Ganges River, the Gangotri is receding at an average rate of 12 meters (36+ feet) per year, presenting huge future issues for the Ganges and the 400 million souls who depend on it.
#everydayasia #indiapictures #SquareInstaPic

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The Gangotri Glacier weaves its way for some 25 kilometers until its very start at the massif of Chaukhamba. Chaukhamba IV sits in the center of the frame.

Earth Day Wish: Look to the Mountains

Today – Earth Day 2015 – there is an ever more vocal choir of mainly unconservative conservatives decrying science and the …

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One year ago today, 16 #Sherpa were…

One year ago today, 16 #Sherpa were tragically killed in the #Khumbu
#Icefall on #Everest. It was a day that should have sparked more change than it has, more deep and meaningful conversation, reflection, and sould searching than perhaps has occurred. But, by in large, things seem to continue in the same way on the mountain, just as they did after the deaths in 1996, in 2001, in 2010, etc. We humans are often slow to learn from our mistakes, reticent to accept the lessons our individual and collective histories teach us through blood and tears. But, there is good news and good options. @davidcmorton and @melissaarnot started the Juniper Fund, which distributes badly needed funds to the families of deceased Sherpa killed in the line of duty. And, Ben Ayers and the dZi Foundation work hard every day to better the lives of Nepalis – Sherpa, #Tamang, #Rai, #Limbu, and others – hopefully undermining the desperate need to work in the mountains. Hoping today, and every day, for a safe, productive, and positive season for all my friends, colleagues, and others on Everest this spring. In this photo, Ngawang crosses one of many massive crevasses in the Khumbu Icefall in 2002.
#SquareInstaPic @studio8apps

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#Sunset casts pastels on #Ama #Dablam as…

#Sunset casts pastels on #Ama #Dablam as seen from the north: One of those magical peaks whose beauty and drama is apparent from every angle. #amadablam #himalaya #himalayas #liveyouradventure #everydaynepal #everydayasia #Khumbu #nepal

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Going through stock images today, and came…

Going through stock images today, and came across this fun one: the full #moon rises behind #Everest, #Lhotse, and #Nuptse as climbers (mainly #Sherpa carrying loads) begin to make their way through the #Khumbu #Icefall. The Milky Way is clearly visible in the night sky. This was initially shot for a timelapse, but made more sense as a single frame. It was shot today, April 14, 2012, as @davidcmorton, @charley.mace, Brent Bishop, and I were attempting the West Ridge of Everest. #liveyouradventure #mounteverest @eddiebauer #travelstoke #everydayasia #everydaynepal @nature #NatureAddict

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Beautiful morning for a good trail run…

Beautiful morning for a good trail run up Elephant Butte and some time to meditate in a quiet, peaceful place. This is my view west to #Epaulet, #Epaulie, #Rosalie, Mount #Evans, and more. #liveyouradventure #startthedayinnature #elephantbutte

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A #tbt shot from #Everest. @conrad_anker comes…

A #tbt shot from #Everest. @conrad_anker comes out of our tent at 25,600 foot Camp V on the North Ridge on April 30, 1999, the day before Conrad found the remains of George #Mallory on the north face. Great memories from 16 years ago. #georgemallory #himalaya #mounteverest #liveyouradventure @internationalmountainguides @dharmabum333 #SquareInstaPic

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