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Today, in 1938, the last of the…

Today, in 1938, the last of the pre-World War II #Everest expeditons arrived at #Rongbuk Basecamp. Led by H.W. “Bill” #Tillman, the expediton was small and light, and cost only about $4,000 to launch. Bad weather haunted the expediton, however, and eventually stopped their progress at about 27,400 feet. In 2004, I was able to re-discover the 1938 high camp, perched on the windswept Northeast Shoulder, far from the traditional route of today. Check out a video and description of that climb and discovery – link in my bio.
In this shot, from 1999, a monk from Rongbuk walks past a #chorten at Rongbuk #Monastery, #Tibet, with Everest’s North Face rising behind.

#liveyouradventure #billtillman #everest1938

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As I drive with the kids through…

As I drive with the kids through the #parched #desert of Western Arizona, headed toward the Mojave, I can see the realities of water needs abs climate change in this landscape…and my mind wanders to another great desert facing climate change woes: #Antarctica. As reported by #NPR recently, researchers have discovered warn seawater penetrating underneath the #Totten Glacier, one of the largest #glaciers of East Antarctica, causing rapid and frightening melting. Totten, at 75 miles long and 18 wide, contains enough ice to raise global sea levels by 11 feet if it fully melted. In this photo, Peter Whittaker gazes at the vast glaciers of central Antarctica – also under threat from climate change – from high camp on #Vinson Massif.
#climatechangeisreal #liveyouradventure #climatechange @eddiebauer
#SquareInstaPic @studio8apps

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Phurba Tashi climbs the upper reaches of…

Phurba Tashi climbs the upper reaches od the Ridge on Mount on May 30, 2003. I was shooting stills and video on this trip for a wild reality TV series calles Global Extremes. Great time with a great team.
After the tragedy of last year on Everest, some teams have moved their ascents to the technically more demanding – but objectively less dangerous – North/Northeast Ridge route, which ascends via. It’s a great route, and one which I’ve been fortunate to climb on 4 times. But, it’s by no means trivial: the summit day on the Northeast Ridge begins higher (high camp is at 27,200 feet or 8200 meters), and the upper Northeast Ridge is long, involved, and at times somewhat technically demanding.
It will undoubtedly be an interesting season on Everest, and my fingers are crossed for great safety above all else @eddiebauer @studio8apps

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Excited to share stories of #Everest and finding…

Excited to share stories of and finding in one’s life and career with the students and community of Western State University in an hour. In this photo, during a pivotal expediton for me on Everest, Peter ascends toward the South Summit in 2009. @eddiebauer

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Had a great time last night sharing…

Had a great time last night sharing stories of Mount with the students of Western State and community of last night, as well as our film, High and Hallowed: Everest 1963. In this shot, @charley.mace climbs the West Shoulder headwall toward the West Ridge in 2012 rises behind, and the Western and Camp 2 sit far below @eddiebauer @davidcmorton @jimaikman

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Kunyan Singh, age 80, has lived in…

Kunyan Singh, age 80, has lived in nearly all his life, and has worked as a since he was a young boy. A small but village, Devprayag marks the spot where the and join, forming the mighty. Making clothes, Singh says, is not easy work, and his swollen, twisted fingers are testament to that. But, it’s all he’s ever known. And, as my 12 year old student translator tells me, he’s living – and may soon be dying – at the sacred confluence, at the start of Ma, so that makes all the challenges of life ok. He bathes each day in the river, and one day he’ll die on her shores, attaining, or release, from, the cycle of death and rebirth. With a big smile and the ubiquitous head bob, he whirrs his sewing machine back to life and continues work.

@pedromcbride @eddiebauer

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Jake Norton - Outdoor Innovator at Colorado College

Jake to speak at Colorado College, Screen High & Hallowed: Everest 1963

Jake will be speaking at his alma mater, Colorado College, on Monday, February 23, at 5:00PM in the Edith Kinney Gaylord …

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In Fall 2013, @pedromcbride, @davidcmorton, and I…

In Fall 2013, @pedromcbride, @davidcmorton, and I traveled high up the, pictured here, 20km above, the spiritual beginning of the River, and the. Seen in this photo from above, the Gangotri winds BY and past the towering – and still IV.
Up by the Chaukhambas, where scant few ever travel, the terrain is wild and untouched, seemingly pristine. But, even here, our samples revealed high levels of nitrates, most likely from heavy fertilizer use in, and elsewhere that is cast into the atmosphere, and falls as tainted snow upon the Gangotri. This rough beginning for the Ganges is only the start of the at-times startling pollution we saw downstream.
It’s been an amazing journey documenting this sacred, revered, and reviled river and with @pedromcbride and @madhav108a, and now the toughest part begins – wading through terrabytes of footage and carving out the river’s story in images and words. The edit begins… Huge thanks to @eddiebauer, @microsoftusa, @natgeo, and more for the support to make this project a reality

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Years ago, India’s first Prime Minister, wrote…

Years ago, India’s first Prime Minister, wrote Ganga to me is the symbol of India’s memorable past which has been flowing into the present and continues to flow towards the ocean of the future.” What does that future hold?

As I begin the long trip home from two weeks on the, my mind is still whirring with questions, ruminations, possible outcomes for and possible solutions to the monumental challenges facing this river. It is the spiritual lifeblood for some 1 billion, and the physical lifeblood for 400 million Hindus, and others – not to mention amazing flora and fauna, much of them threatened) – who live within its watershed. It is deeply revered, and it is being loved to death.
Perhaps that love, that deep, age-old reverence for Ma – the very same reverence and love which has helped bestow such horror on the river – will, in the end, be her salvation. Can that love of Ganga the goddess be transitioned into equal love for Ganga the physical? Only time will tell, but time is growing short. As famed environmentalist Sunita Narain told @pedromcbride and me: “If we don’t act soon, our generation in India will be one of dead rivers.” Ganga is not the only river in India, but it’s fate is similar to that of others throughout the subcontinent, and if Ganga is not respected, cleaned, cared for, and loved in her physical form as much as she is in her spiritual one, there is little hope. As Dr. Vandana Shivaji said: “If Ganga dies, India dies.” One thing is for sure: Ganga is in trouble. Ganga needs help, and needs it desperately. It is a beautiful river with a rich past and a hopeful future. I, like Baba Tintang pictured here on the banks in, have my hands clasped in prayer for a positive turn @eddiebauer

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As I work again in with @pedromcbride,…

As I work again in with @pedromcbride, I find one of the most confounding aspects of the River is the dichotomy of it’s revered stature and defiled reality. Ma, the goddess, is seen as simply having her essence, her spirit, manifested in the physical “clothes” of the Ganges River. By, Ganga is no more the Ganges River than I am the jeans and shirt I am wearing: they are simply my clothes. Therein lies the challenge: The Ganges is polluted, but the divine is not, just as my jeans are dirty but I am not. So, how to spark change in such a situation, how to provoke a largely-uneducated populace of some 400 million along the River to protect the and revere the goddess’ clothing as they revere and protect her spirit?
Perhaps, if we dig deeper into Hindu thought, we find the answer.
As a religion, at its highest is considered polymorphic monotheism – many manifestations of one ultimate deity. And, that deity, Brahman, is not separate from us, but IS us. Brahman, the divine, is as much in me as in you and in the monkey on my veranda and the flowing Ganges outside my door. Brahman is me, is you, is everything. So, with that in mind, with belief in that concept, to pollute the Ganges is to pollute the ultimate divine…and to defile the self, for we are all one. Perhaps.
As wrote in “The Secrets of the Heart”: “In one atom are found all the elements of the earth; in one motion of the mind are found the motions of all the laws of existence; in one drop of water are found the secrets of all the endless oceans; in one aspect of you are found all the aspects of existence.” In this image, a solitary figure meditates amongst the chaos of evening along the banks of Ganga near Ram Jhula in.

@eddiebauer @madhav108a @everydayasia

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