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Awesome night to share the…

Awesome night to share the #sunset over #Evergreen Lake colors with my son, Ryrie, in the back yard. #outsidetime

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Ngawang Sherpa crosses a massive crevasse on a ladder; at 18,000 feet in the Khumbu Icefall, Everest, Nepal.

Thursday Thought: Climbing, Risk, Kids, and Life

Last week, I read a great article in Boulder’s Daily Camera about risk: “Chris Weidner on extreme sports: Risky or reckless? …

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Stars arc over the #Khumbu…

Stars arc over the #Khumbu Icefall and Basecamp on Mount #Everest, Nepal. It was a busy season there in 2012 when @davidcmorton, @charlesmace, Brent Bishop and I (with @graysonwyatt at Base camp) were trying the West Ridge, and will be even busier this season with feature films, wing suits, fundraisers, and more going on. Good luck to all this season! #latergram #archives @eddiebauer

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GEX-EV-1035: Gazing up the sweeping cornices and rock steps of Everest's Northeast Ridge from Mushroom Rock at 28,300 feet. Lhotse rises behind and left. Photo by Jake Norton.

New Everest Images now Online

Everest season is fully upon us, with great reporting trickling in through top sources like Alan Arnette and others. There’s …

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An oryx, or gemsbok, (Oryx gazella) lies dead after becoming entangled in a rancher's barbed-wire fence in South Africa.

Thursday Thought: Robert Michael Pyle, Nature Bats Last, and the Optimism of Pessimism

I was in my junior year in high school – way back in 1990 – when Robert Michael Pyle’s words …

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Antarctica Panorama by Jake Norton.

Massive Panorama from Antarctica’s Vinson Massif

Going through the archives again, I came upon this panorama I shot in 2011 on the Branscomb Glacier in Antarctica. …

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A man prays in the brackish waters of the Hoogly (Ganges) River as it nears the Bay of Bengal at Fairley Ghat, Kolkata, India.

Thursday Thought: Ganges, Revered and Reviled

I’m putting together a presentation on the Himalaya and the Ganges River today for my daughter’s first grade class, and …

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Another panorama from #Everest, this…

Another panorama from #Everest, this time from the South Col at 26,000 feet. Taken on the 2009 @eddiebauer Everest expedition. Check out the full, interactive version on the #MountainWorld blog, or on the @gigapansystems website.

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Panorama of Mount Everest from the South Col, 26,000 feet

Interactive Panorama of Everest from the South Col

On Monday, I posted a huge panorama I took in 2012 of Mount Everest from Pumori Camp 1. And, I …

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Cropped bit of a #gigapixel…

Cropped bit of a #gigapixel panorama of Mount #Everest shot from #Pumori Camp 1 in 2012. Check out the full, interactive version on my blog, thanks to @gigapansystems. Go to Enjoy!

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