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A nice run of remembrance…

A nice run of remembrance in Pere #Marquette Park this morning took me past the delicate beauty of spring along the #Mississippi. Beautiful drop of water on a spider web, gone moments after I took the photo…like life, beautiful, delicate yet strong, and inherently transient.

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Black browed #albatross on West…

Black browed #albatross on West Point Island, #Falkland Islands. Beautiful birds, I watched them coming and going for hours, makes and females reconnecting after months of separation, rubbing beaks and saying hello. Finally got the shot I wanted at the end of the day, #intimacy and #emotion in the animal kingdom. Yes, anthropomorphizing, but justifiably in this case. #nofilter #latergram

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Taken the morning of May…

Taken the morning of May 1, 1999 as our team left Camp V on the North Ridge of #Everest to conduct and initial search of the upper north face. Little did we know that a few hours later @conrad_anker would discover the remains of George Mallory at 27,000 feet, and that we’d spend the better part of the day with a hero, a myth, and a legend. Still one of the most poignant moments for me on Everest ever. Thank you @conrad_anker, @onestepatatime59, @dharmabum333, @internationalmountainguides, Dave Hahn, Tap Richards, Jochen Hemmleb, and more.

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Thinking of all those affected…

Thinking of all those affected by the massive #icefall on Mount #Everest early this morning. Reports from Alan Arnette and elsewhere indicate likely 13 Sherpa killed with three still missing. Very sad day, and my heart goes out to all the victims.

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Charley Mace and Brent Bishop make their way through the chaos and danger of the upper Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest, Nepal.

Avalanche Kills 13 Sherpa in Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest

I’ve always marveled at the Sherpa and other Nepali tribes who make their living on the slopes of Everest. By-in-large, …

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Awesome night to share the…

Awesome night to share the #sunset over #Evergreen Lake colors with my son, Ryrie, in the back yard. #outsidetime

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Ngawang Sherpa crosses a massive crevasse on a ladder; at 18,000 feet in the Khumbu Icefall, Everest, Nepal.

Thursday Thought: Climbing, Risk, Kids, and Life

Last week, I read a great article in Boulder’s Daily Camera about risk: “Chris Weidner on extreme sports: Risky or reckless? …

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Stars arc over the #Khumbu…

Stars arc over the #Khumbu Icefall and Basecamp on Mount #Everest, Nepal. It was a busy season there in 2012 when @davidcmorton, @charlesmace, Brent Bishop and I (with @graysonwyatt at Base camp) were trying the West Ridge, and will be even busier this season with feature films, wing suits, fundraisers, and more going on. Good luck to all this season! #latergram #archives @eddiebauer

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GEX-EV-1035: Gazing up the sweeping cornices and rock steps of Everest's Northeast Ridge from Mushroom Rock at 28,300 feet. Lhotse rises behind and left. Photo by Jake Norton.

New Everest Images now Online

Everest season is fully upon us, with great reporting trickling in through top sources like Alan Arnette and others. There’s …

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An oryx, or gemsbok, (Oryx gazella) lies dead after becoming entangled in a rancher's barbed-wire fence in South Africa.

Thursday Thought: Robert Michael Pyle, Nature Bats Last, and the Optimism of Pessimism

I was in my junior year in high school – way back in 1990 – when Robert Michael Pyle’s words …

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