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Waiting for Time

The following is a short missive I wrote on the road the other day about that famous concept: India time. …

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Happy Gangetic Dolphin Day!

Today, October 5th, is Dolphin Day here in India, a day to celebrate the elusive and rare Gangetic freshwater dolphin. …

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Just one of the myriad…

Just one of the myriad of great faces (and people) dotting the streets of Rishikesh and the banks of the #Ganges. Looking forward to continuing the adventure on the next 1500 miles of river to the Bay of Bengal. Next stop: #Haridwar, on of the seven holiest cities for Hindus and a #Kumbh Mela site. A great journey shared with @davidcmorton @pedromcbride with thanks to #Surface, @eddiebauer and @natgeo.

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Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

As I broke trail, post-holing down the Gangotri Glacier several days ago, the words of Mahatma Gandhi were echoing in …

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Last day with @davidcmorton and…

Last day with @davidcmorton and @pedromcbride in the mountains and had a close one. Yes, all those guys – and more – were crammed in that van (20+ people). Yes, the left rear wheel is hanging off the road. And, yes, square format doesn’t show the #Ganges River 500 feet below. Yikes! #getagooddriver #GangaS2S

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Jake Norton working on his Surface Pro in India

Surface Pro: The Ultimate Expedition Partner

I’m often asked what I use on expeditions to handle the data – photos, video, emails, and more – we …

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@pedromcbride having a Ganga puja…

@pedromcbride having a Ganga puja with our favorite Friday brunch baba on the banks of the Ganges at Chirbasa on our last day in the headwaters. #GangaS2S

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Tehri dam and lake, one…

Tehri dam and lake, one of the largest dams and #water projects in the Himalaya, and a source of great controversy along the #Ganges drainage. #GangaS2S

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@pedromcbride getting cleaned up in…

@pedromcbride getting cleaned up in Rishikesh. Onward to the mountains soon!

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Heading toward New Delhi to…

Heading toward New Delhi to start a great adventure with @pedromcbride & @davidcmorton following the Ganges from 7000 meters to the Bay of Bengal. Huge thanks to our primary partners @eddiebauer @microsoft and @natgeo for making #GangaS2S possible!

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