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Misty mountain…after weeks of near…

Misty mountain…after weeks of near nonstop work on the film and future expedition planning, it’s nice to get a brief respite in the hills.

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Another late night with @davidcmorton…

Another late night with @davidcmorton & @jimaikman & the West Ridge of #Everest.

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Good times rockin’ with the…

Good times rockin’ with the Daley’s. #goodtimeswithgoodfriends

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Do you ever feel like…

Do you ever feel like you’re being watched?

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Road to somewhere, South Carolina.

Road to somewhere, South Carolina.

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View from the hotel in…

View from the hotel in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Could be worse!

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Is it ever not nuking…

Is it ever not nuking up near Mt. Bancroft? I’ve never had a day up here when it wasn’t freezing and hammering wind and snow!

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Nanook of the North, er,…

Nanook of the North, er, the Backyard. No morning’s complete without a visit to the igloo…

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The 1963 #Everest team in…

The 1963 #Everest team in ’63, above, and 4 of the surviving members in 2013, below, on stage with moderator Wade Davis. Left to right is Wade, Tom Hornbein, Norman Dyhrenfurth, Jim Whittaker, & Dave Dingman. Legends…thanks to Eddie Bauer & the American Alpine Club.

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Four legends from Everest 1963:…

Four legends from Everest 1963: Dave Dingman, Tom Hornbein, Norman Dyhrenfurth, and Jim Whittaker. Still going strong…amazing heroes, great men.

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