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Jake reunited with his children after Everest at the Denver airport.

Close to the Summit!

Dear Friends, Post-Everest, my internal clock is finally getting somewhere closer to Colorado time, and I’m getting some much-needed and …

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Bishop WestRidge31

Embracing Failure

Two days before, Brent, Charley, David, and I were in just this place, saddled with 45 pound loads at nearly …

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Approaching the summit of Everest, May 22, 1963

Traffic Patterns and Lonely, Rural Routes

It’s the time of year on Everest when the big rush to the summit begins. At 3:00 AM today, the …

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Wende and Lila visiting a community on Sagar Island, West Bengal, India in 2008.


Mothers….their job is to worry, right? Sadly, I’ve helped my mothers in that department for years. I’ve probably made their …

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Everest is Laughing at Us

“Everest is laughing at us,” I thought, perhaps in a moment of delirium high on the wall leading to the …

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Just a few hundred of the many thousands people living on Sagar Island in the Bay of Bengal commuting by boat through crocodile infested waters to nearest big port, Diamond Harbor. Photo taken by Jake on Water For People field visit with Wende and Lila in November 2008.

The Snows of Everest to the Bay of Bengal

I’m sitting here at basecamp, preparing to head back uphill in one day to continue climbing toward the West Shoulder. …

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How Do You Go To The Bathroom Up There??

That’s the perennial question after I give slideshows and presentations about Everest. The question is almost always followed by giggles …

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The Opportunity to Fail

It’s funny – to some degree – how sometimes you wish and wish for something, the wish comes true, and you …

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Higher Than Everest

It’s hard to believe it’s been one year since the journey of Challenge21 began. We officially launched on Earth Day, …

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Sunset panorama of Everest's Northeast Ridge from Camp VI at 27,300 feet. Visible are the First, Second, and Third Steps as well as the Summit Pyramid. © Jake Norton/MountainWorld Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Lost Panoramas of Everest’s Northeast Ridge

Several years ago, I made a couple of posts with interactive panoramas of Everest’s Northeast Ridge. One, of the shot …

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