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Harvey Carter's First Ascent Records at the American Alpine Club Library

Harvey T. Carter’s climbing archive

When I first met him, I was pretty sure he was just a random drunk wandering around the Garden of …

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Helen Ann Rhea

In Memoriam: Helen Ann Rhea, 1922-2014

On May 14, 2014, my godmother, Helen Ann Rhea, passed out of this world, ending a protracted, 7-year battle with …

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Charley Mace and Brent Bishop make their way through the chaos and danger of the upper Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest, Nepal.

Avalanche Kills 13 Sherpa in Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest

I’ve always marveled at the Sherpa and other Nepali tribes who make their living on the slopes of Everest. By-in-large, …

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Marty Schmidt at Camp 2 on Mount Everest, 2012.

In Memoriam: Marty & Denali Schmidt

Positive energy…those two descriptors, in tandem and alone, are what come to mind immediately when I think of Marty Schmidt. …

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In Memoriam: Walter Bonatti, 1930-2011

There are a few names that are synonymous with historic, legendary alpinism: Messner, Kukuczka, Buhl, etc. And, sadly, one of …

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From Everest to Blackpool: Alfred Gregory’s Work on Display & Auction

Alfred Gregory is not exactly a household name, but his work in 1953 was seen by millions around the world. …

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Climbing Legend Takashi Ozaki Dies on Everest

I was saddened this morning to read of the passing of climbing legend Takashi Ozaki high on Everest. A legendary …

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In Memoriam: Nawang Gombu, Everest Hero & First to Summit Everest Twice

In some ways, he was an unlikely hero. All of about 5 feet tall, Nawang Gombu – or simply Gombu …

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In Memoriam: Roe Duke Watson, 1915-2010: A Quiet Legend is Lost

I wish I knew him better. I wish I had spent more time with him, hearing his stories and gathering …

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Charlie Houston “Brotherhood of the Rope” Video

I've written quite a bit about Charlie Houston, the climbing legend who sadly passed away in September. Just the other …

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