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A herd of ibex in the meadows of Tapovan below Shivling on the Gangotri Glacier, Uttarakhand, India. Photo © Jake Norton.

Earth Day 2020: Why Should We Care?

It’s Earth Day. A day we humans set aside to celebrate our little, blue ball as it hurtles through the …

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The Gangotri Glacier weaves its way for some 25 kilometers until its very start at the massif of Chaukhamba. Chaukhamba IV sits in the center of the frame.

Earth Day Wish: Look to the Mountains

Today – Earth Day 2015 – there is an ever more vocal choir of mainly unconservative conservatives decrying science and the …

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Helen Ann Rhea

In Memoriam: Helen Ann Rhea, 1922-2014

On May 14, 2014, my godmother, Helen Ann Rhea, passed out of this world, ending a protracted, 7-year battle with …

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Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

As I broke trail, post-holing down the Gangotri Glacier several days ago, the words of Mahatma Gandhi were echoing in …

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Art + Ararat = Impressive

It's not the highest mountain in the world, or the most beautiful, or most challenging, or…A lot of people wouldn't …

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Thursday Thought: Passion in Life

My wife and I often talk about how fortunate we feel to have careers that are built upon our passions. …

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Humility: The Name of the Game

 Back in February, I wrote a Thursday Thought about ego…and the need to not have one in life. In it …

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Thursday Thought: A Commencement Inspiration for The Bosque School

 I was honored beyond words that the students of The Bosque School in Albuquerque, New Mexico, not only remembered by …

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In Memoriam: Roe Duke Watson, 1915-2010: A Quiet Legend is Lost

I wish I knew him better. I wish I had spent more time with him, hearing his stories and gathering …

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Thursday Thought: Climbing, Kids, & The Mountaineer’s Will

I'm often asked if having children – I now have two – has changed my climbing in any way. And, …

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