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Photo of Teddy Norton climbing across the North Face of Everest on June 4, 1924, during his record-setting attempt on the summit. Photo by Howard Somervell.

Everest 1924: Norton & Somervell’s Record Attempt

It was not exactly difficult going, but it was a dangerous place for a single unroped climber, as one slip …

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George Leigh Mallory remains as discovered on May 1, 1999

The Epic of Everest 1924 Restored

On June 8, 1924, at 12:50pm, Noel Odell made a final sighting of George Leigh Mallory and Andrew Comyn Irvine …

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Huntley Palmer Biscuits

Shackleton’s Biscuits: A Case for Not Eating Artifacts on Mount Everest

In 2001, high on Everest, I scoured through the tattered remains of the 1933 expedition’s Camp VI in the Yellow …

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Conrad Anker attempts to free climb the notorious Second Step on the Northeast Ridge of Everest on May 17, 1999. Dave Hahn belays him immediately below. Photo by Jake Norton.

George Mallory and the Second Step: A Red Herring?

I’ve been slowly having my archive of slides – some 15,000 from past shoots and expeditions – scanned by ScanCafe. …

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A “New” Altitude Record from 1911 by Dr. Alexander Kellas

Dr. Alexander "Alec" Kellas is by no means a household name, nor is he known even to many climbers. But, …

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Aerial images by GeoEye of Everest with route and note overlays added by Jake Norton.

Everest from the Air…with Routes & Features

A lot of you were interested in the aerial image of Everest from GeoEye I blogged about last week. I …

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Sunset panorama of Everest's Northeast Ridge from Camp VI at 27,300 feet. Visible are the First, Second, and Third Steps as well as the Summit Pyramid. © Jake Norton/MountainWorld Productions. All Rights Reserved.

Lost Panoramas of Everest’s Northeast Ridge

Several years ago, I made a couple of posts with interactive panoramas of Everest’s Northeast Ridge. One, of the shot …

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Did extreme weather help in Mallory & Irvine’s desappearance?

George Mallory & Andrew Irvine have been in the news quite a bit lately, from Conrad Anker's new film The …

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TD EV 0814

What Really Happened to Mallory & Irvine, Part III

Now we’re in descent mode. I already covered in Part I and Part II what I think happened on the …

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GEX-EV-1035: Gazing up the sweeping cornices and rock steps of Everest's Northeast Ridge from Mushroom Rock at 28,300 feet. Lhotse rises behind and left. Photo by Jake Norton.

What Really Happened to George Mallory & Andrew Irvine? Part II

After reading Part I of this story, we’re all essentially on the same page with what we know about the …

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