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Sunrise over the Arctic, from 36,000 feet….

Sunrise over the Arctic, from 36,000 feet. Magical. #whatawonderfulworld #liveyouradventure #feelingsmall

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I’m not a churchgoer, but nonetheless find…

I’m not a churchgoer, but nonetheless find a resonance with small, humble places of worship like this one tucked into the mountains of Innsbruck. I guess I’ve just never understood the need of most faiths to construct gaudy edifices of gold and gilt, towering temples not so much to the divine, but to man’s need for power, hierarchy, and a sense of permanence in a world of impermanence. A simple place of worship such as this seems far more likely to me to connect one to the divine, a basic space more a part of nature than apart from it, tucked into the world of mountains where ego is shattered and humility fostered, and the knowledge that we are wonderfully insignificant is echoed eternally off mountain walls. #liveyouradventure #HöttingerBild

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Wishing a happy International Mountain Day to…

Wishing a happy International Mountain Day to all! Let’s celebrate mountains today, and every day! “Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, over-civilized people are beginning to find out that going to the mountains is going home; that wildness is a necessity.” – John Muir, “Our National Parks,” 1901. #liveyouradventure #IMD2017 #MountainsMatter #internationalmountainday @unfao | Nuptse reflected at sunset in a small pond near Gorak Shep, Nepal.

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Mountains. They inspire, they frighten, they educate,…

Mountains. They inspire, they frighten, they educate, they inspire us, perhaps in equal measure. Personally, they have been a focal point of my life since I discovered climbing at age 12. In the 31 years since, the mountains have – to quote Boukreev – been my cathedrals. The mountains have pushed me to my absolute limits physically; they’ve enlightened me spiritually in profound ways; they’ve educated me culturally and opened my eyes to peoples and cultures and worldviews I would have missed otherwise; and the mountains have taught me innumerable times their intrinsic worth to us as a physical and spiritual world. The might and power of the mountains – and the people, flora, and fauna who inhabit them – belies a masked reality: they are powerful and proud, tall and tough, but they are also vulnerable. Globally, we see the effects of climate change and development inequality prominently in the mountains: glaciers are retreating, crops are failing, people are suffering, environments are struggling… And it all flows down from the mountains, eventually impacting us all. But, mountain people and environments – like the silent sentinels rising above them – are resilient and capable and will push through the challenges if given a fighting chance. On Monday, December 11, many of us mountain lover will gather in Rome to celebrate the bounty that is the mountain world, joining with others in celebration of International Mountain Day across the globe. Please join us: write a post, share a message, go climb a peak or walk a hill, and celebrate the mountains on Monday, and every day. #internationalmountainday #IMD2017 #liveyouradventure #mountainsmatter @eddiebauer #mountainpartnership #bestmountainartists | In this photo, #Nuptse rises from the evening sky from Khumbu Basecamp on Mt. #Everest.

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Sending a huge happy birthday to this…

Sending a huge happy birthday to this amazing woman as she leaps into another trip around the Sun! I’m forever inspired by her passion, compassion, infectious zest for life, and dedication to our people and planet. And, of course, I’m forever grateful for the love she brings to our family… And for tolerating me and teaching me to be a better person! Here’s to many more adventures to come, my love, and many more years of love and laughter! #inspired #lucky #HappyBirthday #liveyouradventure

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It’s always good to travel, and always…

It’s always good to travel, and always nice to return home… Especially when Mother Nature puts on a show in the back yard. #thankful #liveyouradventure #shotbypixel #shotonmoment #momentgear

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No one but me and the fishermen…

No one but me and the fishermen out for a sunrise run this morning… Peace and beauty. #liveyouradventure #greatblueheron #shotbypixel

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Have you ever imagined climbing one of…

Have you ever imagined climbing one of the famed Seven Summits? Ever dreamed of climbing to the 19,340 foot Roof of Africa and watching a sunrise like this one? How about climbing an amazing mountain with a great group of people, and raising money at the same time for critical and life-changing education in #Tanzania? If so, please consider joining me in June, 2018, for a special climb of Mount #Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak! This will be my 9th trip to Kili, and we’ll be raising money for @africaschoolassistanceproject, an amazing organization that is literally changing lives and communities across Tanzania. The trip will take us to ASAP projects, then up the Rongai Route on Kili – a fabulous route with very few people – to the summit. Post climb, there are opportunities to volunteer with ASAP, go on safari to Serengeti or elsewhere, or catch time at the beach in Zanzibar…no bad options there! If interested, message me to get more info and be invited to our video info session on Monday, November 6th. Spaces are limited, so grab yours today! #liveyouradventure #tanzania #girlseducation #educationiskey #climbforchange #shotbypixel #bestmountainartists

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Honored that our film, Holy (un)Holy River,…

Honored that our film, Holy (un)Holy River, was awarded Best Cinematography at the 20th Annual United Nations Association Film Festival. It was a long process for @pedromcbride and I to tell the story of the Ganges, and very happy to see it resonate well with audiences around the world. Huge thanks to the jury, audience, and team at #UNAFF2017! #liveyouradventure #gangas2s #gangaaction

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The #Ganges River in India is a…

The #Ganges River in India is a flowing contradiction. On the one hand, the river is revered, viewed as a living incarnation of the divine in the form of the goddess Maa Ganga. Her physical embodiment as the flowing waters and fertile floodplains of this mighty river that sustains some 500 million people along its 1600 mile course is also revered, for without her the breadbasket of north India would have no lifeblood. Simultaneously, though, and counter-intuitively, the river is a blighted example of anti-respect and abject defilement. Maa Ganga’s waters are recipients of billions of liters of untreated sewage, industrial chemicals, toxic runoff, and human remains on a daily basis; the ample prayers offered to her are no match for the incoming pollutants. It is a strange dichotomy, a river revered and reviled, a paradox of our time and one which threatens the very existence of the Ganges in all its majesty. I’m trilled that our film, Holy (un)Holy River, will screen this weekend at the 20th United Nations Association Film Festival at Stanford (see link in profile), and I’ll be there to answer questions afterward. Hope to see you there! #UNAFF2017 #unaff #liveyouradventure #gangas2s #holyunholyriver @pedromcbride

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