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Lessons on Leadership & Teamwork from 700m Below Ground

The mountains have taught me a great deal about leadership and teamwork over the years. It seems that often the …

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Thursday Thought: The Oft-Forgotten H. W. “Bill” Tilman

I've long been an admirer of Harold William "Bill" Tilman (1898-1977). I first encountered his name – and his legend …

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Wisdom is found in the most unlikely places…

Wisdom is found in the most unlikely places… When I speak to groups around the world, a critical component to …

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Brotherhood 2

Charles Houston & The Brotherhood of the Rope

As I listened to Houston recount his team’s experiences on K2 so many years ago, their harrowing rescue attempt to save the life of teammate Art Gilke, and the dramatic arrest of the falling team by Pete Schoening, I couldn’t help but think of my good friend Dave Hahn and the climate on Everest these days.

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Dsc 00100424

Super Sherpas – The Backbone of Himalayan Mountaineering

This spring on the slopes of Mount Everest a timely (and, in my opinion, long overdue) documentary will be created: …

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Teamwork Revisited

This is a point I stress in my keynote presentations: to succeed on a mountain – be it a physical or metaphorical one – teamwork is essential. Each and every member of the team must be selflessly dedicated to the end goal. No one can be out for their own best interest, no one can be looking out for number one at the expense of the team goals.

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