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Day 5 of the #blackandwhitephotochallenge: In 2012,…

Day 5 of the #blackandwhitephotochallenge: In 2012, heading in to #Everest for an attempt on the West Ridge, I awoke early in the village of #Pheriche to take photos. After a while of rambling around through fresh snow and frozen creeks, I stumbled upon this view of #Kangtega and the shoulder of #Thamserku. It took a while to get the right combination of slow shutter for the water without totally losing the sun-accented ridges, but finally it worked.

This image always makes me think of Loren #Eiseley in “Flow of the River”: “If there is magic in this planet, it is contained in water… Its substance reaches everywhere; it touches the past and prepares the future: It moves under the poles and wanders thinly in the heights of the air. It can assume forms of exquisite perfection in a snowflake, or strip the living to a single shining bone cast up by the sea.” This has been great fun and a good exercise going through files to find the ones that translate well to #blackandwhite. I’d like to pass the torch onward to @davidcmorton, great friend, climbing partner, and one of the more creative people I know. Let’s see it, David! #liveyouradventure #blackandwhitechallenge #loreneiseley #water

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Day 4 in the #blackandwhitephotochallenge: I spent…

Day 4 in the #blackandwhitephotochallenge: I spent many frames trying to capture the man, a humble farmer in an impoverished village on the fringes of the great #Thar Desert in #Rajasthan, #India. His heavily lined face, weather worn, was accented by dusty, bent, coke-bottle glasses, his head topped by a meticulously wrapped turban. A traditional portrait seemed the way to go. But, it wasn’t working. No image I captured of his face conveyed the story I wanted to tell…The story of a man who spent years working hard, toiling under the rigors of manual labor, and yet emanating – more than anything else – peace, tranquility, and humanity. Then, I looked down and saw his hands… #blackandwhitechallenge #blackandwhite #dailylifeindia #aportraitsnotalwaysaface

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Day 3 of the #blackandwhitephotochallenge: An unknown…

Day 3 of the #blackandwhitephotochallenge: An unknown peak rises from the midst and cloud near the #Trident on South Georgia (Island). In 2004, I had the opportunity to guide the #Shackleton Crossing with Dave Hahn and Deidre Galbraith of the island…an amazing adventure in a stunning and still-wild landscape. #blackandwhitechallenge #liveyouradventure #ernestshackleton #southgeorgia #geographicexpeditions

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Day 2 of the #blackandwhitephotochallenge. Lines of…

Day 2 of the #blackandwhitephotochallenge. Lines of sand lead the way through the dunes of #Erg #Chagaga in southern #Morocco, on the far northern fringes of the #Sahara Desert. I had the opportunity to travel there in 2007 on a whirlwind trip. Amazing place! #blackandwhitechallenge

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“Everything we lost is coming back, and…

“Everything we lost is coming back, and more,” said Generose. A resident of #Rulindo District, #Rwanda, she lived through the #genocides (yes, there was more than one in Rwanda) to see her country at peace, with growing prosperity, and, to her amazement, a new #water system going in near her home. Day 1 of the #blackandwhitephotochallenge, this one out of the archives from the Tokyo airport…Thanks @pedromcbride for pulling me into this! #blackandwhitechallenge

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