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Off to #Kathmandu, #Nepal, to guide my…

Off to #Kathmandu, #Nepal, to guide my friend Art to #Everest Basecamp. It’s been more than two years since I was last in Nepal, a place and people that have had more impact on my life than most anything. Excited to return and reconnect, but as always it’s a double-edged sword, as I’m leaving @wendebvalentine and the kids again. As I’ve said before, I’ll console myself in the knowledge that, in the words of George #Mallory, at night we can look up and “see the same stars”. In this photo, ethereal clouds float above prayer flags at Namo Buddha #Monastery near Dapcha, Nepal. #namobuddha #prayerflags

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Missing these two already, not to mention…

Missing these two already, not to mention my amazing wife, @wendebvalentine. It gets harder to leave on trips with each passing year, knowing that in my absence irreplaceable moments are passing, never to coke again. But, on the bright side, I’m off on another great fundraising expedition, this time to #Kilimanjaro to raise money for @charitywater with a great team. We’re hoping to raise $19,340 for charity:water’s #Sahel campaign, which would bring the #Challenge21 total to over $300,000 raised for safe #water and #sanitation. I’ll miss Wende and the kids terribly, but console myself, as I reminded them on the way to school this morning, that in the words of George #Mallory in 1921 on #Everest: “Goodnight and great love to you. We see the same stars. ” #charitywater #liveyouradventure

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Aerial images by GeoEye of Everest with route and note overlays added by Jake Norton.

Everest from the Air…with Routes & Features

A lot of you were interested in the aerial image of Everest from GeoEye I blogged about last week. I …

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