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Happy early #independenceday! On May 1, 1963,…

Happy early #independenceday!

On May 1, 1963, Jim #Whittaker become the first #American to climb Mount #Everest. He made the historic climb with the late Nawang #Gombu, pictured here. Gombu was an amazing man and friend. The nephew of Tenzing #Norgay – who summitted Everest in 1953 with #Hillary – Gombu went on to climb Everest again in 1965 with an Indian team, becoming the first person to summit the mountain twice. I had the opportunity to guide with him for many years on Mount #Rainier, where he worked with @rmiexpeditions.

Our award-winning film about the 1963 American Mount Everest Expedition – “High and Hallowed: Everest 1963” – is available to rent or buy through @Vimeo; the link is in my profile. @davidcmorton @jimaikman @eddiebauer @xtremevideo

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In 1921, during his first #Everest attempt,…

In 1921, during his first #Everest attempt, George #Mallory wrote from #Tibet to his wife, Ruth: “We see the same stars.” 94 years later, I would echo Mallory’s words in the hopes of encouraging more to #HelpCarryTheLoad for #Nepal. We may not all be experiencing the same traumas, seeing the same devastation, or facing the same overwhelm of rebuilding and reconstructing a nation. But, we are united with our friends across the world in that we all bleed the same blood. We all feel the same pain. We all see the same stars. So, when you go out tonight and gaze at the Milky Way, think of your friends – known and unknown, close and distant – in Nepal. Many are looking at those same stars across the ruins of their homes, villages, communities. Please consider a donation – or another donation if you’ve given before – and #HelpCarryTheLoad. You can find some great organizations in the link in my profile, and many more through my Facebook page. Please give, give smartly, give generously, and give often. | In this photo, the #MilkyWay glows above #Cholatse and #Tawoche from #Tukhla, #Khumbu, Nepal. #nepaliloveyou #nepalphotoproject #NatureAddict #himalayas #nepalquake #liveyouradventure #person2person4nepal #georgemallory #places_wow

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More than ever before, #Nepal needs visitors….

More than ever before, #Nepal needs visitors. Not disaster tourism, but normal tourism – trekkers and climbers planning trips, hiring porters and guides, cooks and yaks and outfitters. Nepal needs hotel beds filled, taxis occupied, teahouses buzzing and restaurants cooking. And it needs us to visit not only the traditional hotspots like #Khumbu, #Langtang, and #Annapurna, but perhaps more importantly it needs visitors to the lesser – traveled realms like the #Ganesh Himal, #Gorkha, #Helambu, #Dolakha, #Humla, #Jumla, #Dolpo, and #Rolwaling, shown in this photo. While these areas don’t always yield the well-known views of #Everest or the 8000m peaks, they Ave incredible depth, intense beauty of people and landscape and culture, and very real need. Please plan your trip to Nepal, and #HelpCarryTheLoad (see link in profile). | In this photo, the sweeping east ridge of #Melungtse (aka #Menlungtse) rises at sunrise from the shadowed valleys of the Rolwaling Valley. Lying in #Tibet just beyond the Nepal – China border, Melungtse is seldom climbed; its neighbor, #Gauri #Shankar, can be seen just behind. #liveyouradventure #visitnepal #nepalquake #nepalphotoproject

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At the sacred confluence of #Devprayag, the…

At the sacred confluence of #Devprayag, the #Bhagirathi (on left) and #Alaknanda (on right) Rivers join, forming the mighty and holy #Ganges, or Maa #Ganga. In 2013, @davidcmorton, @pedromcbride, and I followed the Ganges from its highest source waters – at the foot of the massive #Chaukhamba peaks – to its terminus at Ganga #Sagar in the Bay of #Bengal. Pete and I returned this year for more interviews and footage, and are now working hard on a documentary telling the story of this great river from the perspective of the river, and those who revere it, revile it, and depend on it for physical and spiritual survival. The Ganga is an amazing river, with wonder and challenge in equal measure, and at every turn. To see an early trailer of the film, please visit (link also in profile). Thanks to the vision and support of @eddiebauer, @natgeo, @microsoftusa, #Ambuja, and more for helping make it happen. #liveyouradventure #reveredandreviled @everydayasia #indiapictures #indiapictures @everydayindia #india_gram

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#tbt to March, 1992, near #Syabru in…

#tbt to March, 1992, near #Syabru in the #Langtang Valley, #Nepal. #Kancha (Membar) #Tamang, age 12, carries a load up valley. A young porter from the impoverished village of #Gre in #Rasuwa, Kancha and his family portered for trekking groups such as ours to make money – the same story for so many in Nepal’s rural heartland. We subsequently put Kancha through school and have helped him as best we can for 23 years. Kancha returned from Malaysia, where he was working for three years on a poultry farm, on April 2, went to his village to reunite with his wife and children on April 15, and we have not heard from him since. His, sadly, is one of many, many tragic stories coming from the #NepalQuake. And, the story is not over. At least 15 people were killed today in monsoon rain-triggered #landslide in #Taplejung district in east Nepal – a harbinger of what’s to come during the months of rain ahead. The story of Nepal may be over for much of the world press and big aid, but it is far from over for families like Kancha’s. Please continue to #HelpCarryTheLoad for Nepal, and keep giving to vetted non profits working on the ground in Nepal to rebuild. You can find many through my @crowdrise fundraiser linked in my profile. @nickyardley64 #nepaliloveyou #crowdrise

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Rebuilding in #Nepal will take a long…

Rebuilding in #Nepal will take a long time, and require the dedication of many. Villages are remote, inaccessible by road, and air power is limited and expensive. But, we can all #HelpCarryTheLoad for Nepal. One amazing organization doing incredible work on the ground is #Rasuwa #Relief, founded and run by Austin Lord and Galen Murton. Rasuwa is a rural district northwest of #Kathmandu that was hit particularly hard in the #nepalearthquake; #Langtang Village, which was wiped off the map by a cataclysmic avalanche and landslide, is but one example of the devastation in Rasuwa. Many areas – less known and equally desperate – have received only minimal aid, and the #monsoon is fast approaching. #RasuwaRelief is now able to accept tax-deductible donations through #Drokpa, a registered 501c3 charitable organization founded by my friend Sienna Craig. Please make a donation to Rasuwa today through Drokpa – see link in profile – and #HelpCarryTheLoad. Thank you.

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Today (May 22) is International Biodiversity Day,…

Today (May 22) is International Biodiversity Day, and a great day to recognize and celebrate #mountainbiodiversity. Over 1/4 of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity and 1/2 of the world’s biodiversity hot spots are in mountain areas. And, the chronic impoverishment of mountain peoples and communities is major factor in the environmental challenges facing these sensitive areas. Yet another reason to #HelpCarryTheLoad for #Nepal, help the people of Nepal rise from the ashes of the #nepalearthquake and rebuild stable communities and economic systems that protect and preserve these critical #biodiversity resources. #themountainpartnership @welovemountains #liveyouradventure @eddiebauer

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In a hundred ages of the gods,…

In a hundred ages of the gods,
I cannot tell thee of the glories of Himalaya;
As the dew is dried by the morning sun,
So are the sins of man at the sight of Himalaya.
– The Skanda Purana
That sentiment – of the awe-inspiring, almost transcendent power of the #Himalaya – has been a primary draw for millions of tourists to visit #Nepal since it opened its doors to the world in 1950. It is these tourists – and the money they inject into the local economies – that have helped build the livelihoods of Nepal’s mountain communities, establishing an economy whose health is greatly dependent on visitors from abroad. In a country with endemic corruption and little to no trickle down, it is this money – directly injected through the wallets of visiting tourists hiring guides and porters, buying food, purchasing gifts, offering tips – which dictates the rise and fall of many mountain families and communities.

I hear now of many people canceling or considering canceling their plans to visit Nepal in the autumn. While I understand the fears some may have, most of Nepal’s rural communities will be ready to accept visitors by the post-monsoon trekking season. And, they will be eager. So, please, if you want to help Nepal rebuild, if you’d like to contribute to its phoenix-like rise from the ashes, plan a visit. Engage the local economies, open you wallet and open you mind, and help Nepali communities reestablish themselves and their vital tourist businesses. We can all #HelpCarryTheLoad. #liveyouradventure #nepalearthquake #nepaliloveyou | In this photo, trekkers move along a ridgeline beneath the towering massif of #Kangtega, #Khumbu.

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Lord #Shiva, commonly known as the God…

Lord #Shiva, commonly known as the God of Destruction, is one of the most popular deities in #Nepal, and is often represented by the #lingam, seen here at #Pashupatinath Temple in #Kathmandu. Shiva’s nature, however, is far more complex than simple destruction: He is not a god of wanton destruction, but rather destroys with the intent of regeneration, of transformation and re-creation with the removal of evil, ignorance, and hubris and an increase in positive power, strength, and beauty. As I sift through thoughts and mourning over the devastating losses in Nepal, I find myself searching for a silver lining, a glint of light at the end of the long tunnel.
Disasters such as the #NepalEarthquake are never fair, never simple, and always tragic. But, already through the dust one can see glimmers of Shiva’s regeneration: Stories of traditional #caste barriers dropping as villagers help one another regardless of age old, ingrained discrimination. Nepalis flood home from a vast diaspora, putting themselves at great risk and sacrificing hard-earned money to help their friends, their neighbors, their countrymen and women. Grassroots efforts springing up across the country and around the world, working together to collectively build and rebuild a very special place and people. And, mostly, the ever-inspiring tenacity and innate beauty of the Nepalese people, who continue onward through the challenges, carrying this load as they have so many in the past.
I can only hope that the world community can also be touched by Shiva’s transformative intent, and drop the old ways of forgetting and moving on, and instead remained focused on this very big and very real crisis. There is much work yet to do, much support yet to give, much compassion and assistance and love needed. It will take us all, as a human community, to rally to Nepal’s side. Perhaps, through the landslides and dust and blood and suffering of the earthquake, some of Shiva’s transformative light can shine on us all.
#HelpCarryTheLoad #liveyouradventure #person2person4nepal #nepaliloveyou

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When I first met him, Karma Tshering…

When I first met him, Karma Tshering was busy carving the ubiquitous Tibetan Buddhist “Om mani padme hum” #mantra into stone on the side of the steep trails outside #Phortse, #Nepal. It looked like hard work, his arthritic fingers twisted around handles of wooden tools. But, he kept on, diligently chipping out the mantra associated with #Avalokiteshvara, the #bodhisattva of #compassion. While complex in definition and debated in meaning, many identify the mantra – carved in stone, spun on prayer wheels, flapping on prayer flags – as being the mantra of compassion, and of the desire to free sentient beings from suffering. Perhaps we all can symbolically join the arthritic fingers of Karma Tshering, engage the cause of compassion, and #HelpCarryTheLoad for Nepal. See link in profile for ways to help. #liveyouradventure #nepalearthquake #givetonepal #prayfornepal #p2p4nepal

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