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@pedromcbride inspiring a group of…

@pedromcbride inspiring a group of 500 Savannah school kids after a screening of his epic Colorado River story, “Chasing Water”, as part of MountainFilm on Tour. Next up, “The Water Tower”, another great water story by Pete. Thanks Savannah and MountainFilm!

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Saying goodbye to Lake #Atitlan…

Saying goodbye to Lake #Atitlan after an incredible few weeks living, learning, and immersing in the place and the culture of #Guatemala. #Starfish

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Photo from a Thursday Thought…

Photo from a Thursday Thought I just posted to my blog about the tapestry that is India. Check it out at #GangaS2S @eddiebauer @microsoftcorporation @natgeo #Ambuja

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#Atitlan definitely doesn’t need any…

#Atitlan definitely doesn’t need any help earning its title as “the most beautiful lake in the world.” #nofilter

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@wendebvalentine ready for the morning…

@wendebvalentine ready for the morning commute to work at #Starfish via water taxi from Santa Cruz la Laguna to #Panajachel. Not a bad way to get to work!

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Could be worse ways to…

Could be worse ways to start the day: sunrise from our new #Yolo SUP out on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. #liveyouradventure

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Lila staying her journal on…

Lila staying her journal on our first day in Guatemala, loving it already.On to Atitlan today for @wendebvalentine’s work with #Starfish. A new adventure begins!

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I love the cold and…

I love the cold and winter, but with a temp of -12 this morning, I can’t say I’m sad to be heading with @wendebvalentine and the kids to #Guatemala and some warmer temperatures!

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Had an amazing night last…

Had an amazing night last night with @davidcmorton and @jimaikman celebrating Willi Unsoeld as part of the Unsoeld Seminar at Evergreen State College. Over 900 people turned out to see our film, High and Hallowed, and to celebrate all that Willi did in his amazing life, cut short in 1979. A Phd in Theology, Director of Peace Corps Nepal, father of experiential education, huge influencer in Outward Bound, founder of Evergreen State… the list goes on. And, with Tom Hornbein, made the first ascent of the West Ridge of Everest on May 22, 1963. This photo was taken on the West Should of #Everest at about 24,000 feet. Huge thanks to Evergreen State College, Tom Hornbein, everyone who came out, and especially the Unsoeld family.@eddiebauer #williunsoeld

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#KMF2013 was a joy to…

#KMF2013 was a joy to be a part of, and @davidcmorton @jimaikman @eddiebauer and I are honored to have #highandhallowed be a part of it. Amazing films, great people, lots of laughs and learning. Highlight for me was a flashback to 1924 with the screening of John Noel’s stunning “The Epic of Everest” – beautifully restored by the BFI.

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