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Maa Ganga, or Mother #Ganges,…

Maa Ganga, or Mother #Ganges, sustains people in myriad ways: it’s their spiritual heart, provides water for agriculture, ritual, fishing, drinking, bathing, and swimming. Here, boys alternate between morning baths and headlong dives into the river below a massive barrage in #Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. @pedromcbride, @davidcmorton, and I have another week to go down the river for #GangaS2S – huge thanks to @eddiebauer, #microsoft #surface, and @natgeo for helping make the adventure happen!

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Five years ago, @wendebvalentine and…

Five years ago, @wendebvalentine and I were enjoying the beautiful beaches and community of Puri, Orissa, with our daughter, Lila. An incredible place that is in great danger now from cyclone Phailin. With winds up to 220 kph and a storm surge of maybe 3.5 meters, Phailin has forced the evacuation of over 400,000 people in Orissa and Andhra Pradesh. Sending best wishes to all those in harm’s way from all of us on #GangaS2S.

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Just one of the myriad…

Just one of the myriad of great faces (and people) dotting the streets of Rishikesh and the banks of the #Ganges. Looking forward to continuing the adventure on the next 1500 miles of river to the Bay of Bengal. Next stop: #Haridwar, on of the seven holiest cities for Hindus and a #Kumbh Mela site. A great journey shared with @davidcmorton @pedromcbride with thanks to #Surface, @eddiebauer and @natgeo.

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Last day with @davidcmorton and…

Last day with @davidcmorton and @pedromcbride in the mountains and had a close one. Yes, all those guys – and more – were crammed in that van (20+ people). Yes, the left rear wheel is hanging off the road. And, yes, square format doesn’t show the #Ganges River 500 feet below. Yikes! #getagooddriver #GangaS2S

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@pedromcbride having a Ganga puja…

@pedromcbride having a Ganga puja with our favorite Friday brunch baba on the banks of the Ganges at Chirbasa on our last day in the headwaters. #GangaS2S

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Tehri dam and lake, one…

Tehri dam and lake, one of the largest dams and #water projects in the Himalaya, and a source of great controversy along the #Ganges drainage. #GangaS2S

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@pedromcbride getting cleaned up in…

@pedromcbride getting cleaned up in Rishikesh. Onward to the mountains soon!

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Heading toward New Delhi to…

Heading toward New Delhi to start a great adventure with @pedromcbride & @davidcmorton following the Ganges from 7000 meters to the Bay of Bengal. Huge thanks to our primary partners @eddiebauer @microsoft and @natgeo for making #GangaS2S possible!

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Lila and Ryrie and their…

Lila and Ryrie and their new friend along Bear Creek last night. Missing them, Wende, and Evergreen shaft

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All you need is a…

All you need is a puddle…

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